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Learn Basic programming tutorials

Learn Basic programming tutorials: if you are new in the programming field. then you must hear about the term called basic programming. so today am going to show you that what is Basic programming. and which terms come under the basic programming and why you need to learn basic programming. 

and trust me if you are new in programming then you should need to learn the basics of programming. so you will have proper knowledge that what is going on when you going to write your own code. 
Every programmer has a big and very important question that "he completed c, c++, java, python, PHP, javascript, and many many other languages. but he wouldn't able to work on a single project." why? why? why?.
Note: Learn this post from the first line to the end line so you can able to find the answer to the question.

Learn Basic programming tutorials
basic programming
I am one of those peoples who are in the programming field and one of the biggest mistakes I really made that learn a programming language before I understood what the programs really is and what is programming languages manipulate. I don't understand how the hardware works with the programs I made for it. and I also don't understand bits and binary data.
And If you are in the same profession then and beginner in the programming field then you should also in the same problem.
The problem of a programmer is that he didn't know how the hardware works and how to binary systems works. we really need to know or learn different programming languages. and it's surely beneficial but the problem is whole other terminology and a whole other aspect to the programmer. he didn't have an understanding of the things which he has used to manipulate the programming.
To create a thing of working on a whole project a programmer really needs to know how does he work with the hardware for specific and aspected results. and how really the hardware works with the programs.
It's a really big question mark for the programmer?
Think when you understand memory and bits and bytes. so how simple really it is. you can demystify(clear and easy to use a difficult thing) the computer. and when you will complete the course which I made for you. then you can able to work on a project on your own desire and with your creation. on the hardware level, it's more simple and easier to understand all the different tools in the programming language.
Because in the present time our programs become more large and complex to build.
So This Programming101 course helpful to you to teach these things in a very simple way.

Note: this course is free for every single of you and I recommended this course to you if you are a beginner, a professional and a seasonal programmer.and after this course, you will able to work with hardware and able to understand what is bits and bytes and how really these terms work with programs.

what you need to learn in Basic programming

  • What is programming?
  • What is the base two numbers?
  • What are bits and bytes?
  • Why we need bits and bytes?
  • What is 8, 16, 32, and 64 bits computers?
  • How to find the range of an operating system?
  • What is sign-magnitude and signed and unsigned bits?
  • How to computer process binary data?
  • What is the Graphics processing unit(GPU)?
  • What is the sound processing unit(SPU)?
  • What is the Core processing unit(CPU)?
  • How does our computer become more powerful as we see at the present time?
  • How does the Sound produce?
  • How do the Sounds records?
  • What are the Firmware and Basic Input Output System(BIOS)?
  • What is Memory?
  • Structure of a Network?
Note: before you move on, to be honest, and think about the topics which are shown above. do you know about the single term? if yes then comment me and no then you should start right here and right now. 

Basic programming tutorials

  1. Base two number and how it's work in hardware?
  2. Understanding bits and bytes and 8, 16, 32, and a 64-bit system.
  3. Counting binary numbers and find the range of the bit systems.
  4. how do the binary data works on the computer?
  5. Evolution of 8, 16, 32 and 64 bit systems.
  6. Learn about firmware and bios.
  7. Temporary and Persistent memory.
  8. How does the sound is recorded and produced?
  9. How does the sound produce?
  10. What is the operating system?
  11. What are API and console?
  12. Execution of programming language.
  13. What is the ARPA network?
Note: I know there are many other courses which are surely best in comparing with my course. but believe me, this course only includes those things which are a programmer needed. and which a programmer really needed.

So if you think you need this course then please comment to me to let me know that you are learning this course and I made not any mistake in make this course. 

So thank you and a nice journey with this course...

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Please share this knowledge as much possible as you can and also comment me your queries and questions related to this topic. I will really grateful to help you. 
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