Bits to Bytes and working in computer system

Bits to Bytes: today, we are going to learn about what is bits and bytes and how to convert bits to bytes and how do bits and bytes work in the computer system.
Bits to Bytes
bits to byte

What is Bit:

A bit is the smallest unit in a computer system. it is a basic unit of information in a computer system. using bit we manipulate and store the data in the computer system in memory. the bit is nothing but one or zero. 
If I say in the simple form then 
Bit = unit of information
Note: if you don't read out our last post then please read it because it will help you to understand that what is binary system and how to use 0 and 1.

Conversion of Bit into Byte

Let's say I pick  binary values which are 0 and 1. then how we convert bit to byte is that
One Bit = 1 
Two Bits = 01 
Three Bits = 100 
Eight Bits = 1001 1111 = 1 Byte

Note: here I pick the random values of bits. 

Note: but why we need to convert bits in bytes. if you don't know then you must need to read the below lines. 

Bits to Bytes

Bits in a row has not real values. bits have only one(1) or not(0) and 1 value at a time. If a bit is 1 or only 0 it would be completely useless to us. the reason why we grouped the bits 0 and 1 is that when we grouped the bits 0 and 1. they represent the base 10 numbers.

FOR EXAMPLE- On our calculator, we use only 10 base numbers. and how we add 999+888 and somehow the calculator work with base 2 number how to add these base 10 numbers together and print out the number on the screen add these 999 and 888 we need to use a group of base two numbers. so that's why we need to use a group of base two numbers. and the group of 8 bits is equal to one byte. 

What is the use of bits to bytes in a computer system?

We know that there are some types of bits systems.
  • 8-bit system.
  • 16-bit system.
  • 32-bit system.
  • 64-bit system.

8-bit system:

In older times we used an 8-bit computer. it means that the computer is only able to process 8 bit at a time. it means we only used 8 once(1) and not(0)  at a single time.

16-bit computer:

In 16 bit computers we only able to process 16 bit at a time. it means we used only 16 once(1) and not(0) at a single time.

32-bit computer:

In a 32-bit computer system we only able to process 32 bit at a time. it means we used only 32 once(1) and not(0) at a single time. 

64-bit system:

Now we can work with the 64-bit system. it's means now we can work with 64 bits or 64 once(1) or not(0) at a single time. 
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