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                     What are Firmware and Bios

In early days there is no programming language before programming language the size of the computer has large and now how we can store the number in tiny peace metal with the magnetic charge and our computer get smaller and produced an output.
what is firmware and bios, how the firmware and bios works
Firmware and Bios

and the programmer is only working with 0 and 1. thay didn't have any other choice. they didn't have any programming language to code, and they would be popular if the languages not come.
      it would be impossible to make and creat OS, Graphic designer, etc.
      now we have many languages to communicate with the computer. a different language to communicate to different parts of a computer. in early time the program coded in once and zeros.

                                            this is why the firmware is 

firmware and it's working
Firmware in a computer system?

                Firmware is a physical program and it exists with a silicon chip with positive and negative charges.

        Physical Program:-

                                     When we butted up to our computer. a physical program butt up to our computer. once our computer butts up then our software kicking and our operating system rock and roll.

                                Firmware is a program which coded in 0 and 1.

Note:- Firmware has different types because different types of programs are in our system.
we have a program for our email. and we have a program for our library.


what is bios, how the bios work in our computer
BIOS working process 

           It's a type of firmware. its full name is Basic Input Output System. it receives an input and provides an output that called Bios (Basic Input Output System).
                                                                                                 There is the main BIOS chip. BIOS chip is a there when first time our computer boot up and start our operating system. your program wouldn't start without main BIOS.
                                       These are programs which boot up before your operating system. and load up submitting and put them into memory and that way your computer can use that to performing your operating system can be used but without the BIOS the part wouldn't boot.
So, the BIOS is a basic input output system. and firmware is a physical software. and the main bios system this actually allows you to boot up your computer.
    Somebody has physically made a program using positive and negative charges that are called firmware.

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