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base two number and how it's work in hardware.

Base two numbers and how it's work in computer hardware?

Bits and bytes:  

Human being work with base 10 numbers. and every mathematically condition based on 10 numbers.(0,1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9)
but the computer works with bits and bytes.

we have 10 numbers and the computer has only two numbers. a computer has only bits and bytes to work on it.
it can be a not(0) or it can be one(1). it cannot be same at a time. it either be one(1) or either be not(0).

base two numbers
bits and bytes

How do the Bits work in our hardware?

how the bits and bytes work in hardwares.
working of bits in hardware
Our computer is a very complex magnet. and bits is actually magnetic charges. not(0) is a negative charge and one(1) is the positive charge.
by using the electronics computer we can work with base 2, not(0) and one(1)
Our computer is a very delicate magnet. that's why if we used a powerful magnet on our computer. we could potentially store wide data of hard drive.
we can solve the data flows to our processor. (it's only because of the stick of a magnet on our computer is not a very good idea.)  so that's why a bit has worked with two charges negative(0) and positive(1).

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