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Temporary and Persistent Memory


             What is Temporary and Persistent Memory

As a programmer, we need to know the difference between Temporary and Persistent Memory

what is temporary and persistent memory, memory in computer
temporary and persistent memory

There are Two Types of Memory

1. Volatile/Temporary Memory.
2. Non-Volatile/Persistent Memory.
temporary memory, persistent memory
temporary and persistent memory
Whenever we store the bits. we store in memory. our hard drive is a memory and also our RAM is a memory.
               Our RAM is Random Access Memory.
And our hard drive is Memory. it's a form of storage. but it's a different type of storage.

One is Volatile and another one is a Non Volatile memory.

What do you mean by the Volatile and Non Volatile Memory?

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Temporary memory

 1. Volatile/Temporary Memory:-

                                                   Temporary is temporary. if we remember something and forget something very quickly. then you temporary gets some data in your mind.
                                                             and temporary memory can be used by our computer for performing operation very quickly.  So the temporary memory is used to store some tempory data for some while. and after that, the data is erased.

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Persistent memory

Persistent Memory:- 

                                If we save a file then we would need to used persistent memory which is a non-volatile memory. we don't need to keep remembering. and we need to give the ability to save that file on to the hard-drive and on to the non-volatile memory and we don't need to keep in mind and we used this

                                Examples of Volatile and Non-Volatile Memory

examples of volatile and non-volatile memory, volatile memory, non-volatile memory
examples of volatile and non-volatile memory

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