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Understanding bits,bytes and bit computer systems.

Understanding bits, bytes, and bit computer systems.

Bits and Bytes:

Bits in a row has not real values. bits have only one(1) or not(0) and 1 value at a time. If a bit is 1 or only 0 it would be completely useless to us. the reason why we grouped the bits 0 and 1 is that when we grouped the bits 0 and 1. they represent the base 10 numbers.
bits and bytes in computer system.
a binary system in a computer

group of bits and bytes, basic two numbers
Group of base two numbers

FOR EXAMPLE- On our calculator, we use only 10 base numbers. and how we add 999+888 and somehow the calculator work with base 2 number how to add these base 10 numbers together and print out the number on the screen add these 999 and 888 we need to use a group of base two numbers. so that's why we need to use a group of base two number. 

What is the use of bytes and bits in a computer system?

We know that there are some types of bits systems.
1. 8-bit system.
2. 16-bit system.
3. 32-bit system.
4. 64-bit system.

1. (8) bit system:-

                             In older time we used an 8-bit computer. it's mean that the computer only able to process 8 bit at a time. it means we only used 8 once(1) and not(0)  at a single time.

8 bit system, bits and bytes in 8 bit computer, range of 8 bit computer system
8-bit system

2. (16) bit computer:-

                                    I16 bit computer we only able to process 16 bit at a time. it's mean we used only 16 once(1) and not(0) at a single time.

16 bit computer system, range of 16 bit computer system
16-bit system
3. (32) bit computer:- 
                                    In 32-bit computer system we only able to process 32 bit at a time. it's mean we used only 32 once(1) and not(0) at a single time. 

32 bit computer system, range of 32 bit computer system, floating of bits in 32 bit computer system
32-bit system
4. (64) bit system:- 
                               Now we can work with the 64-bit system. it's mean now we can work with 64 bits or 64 once(1) or not(0) at a single time. 
64 bit computer system, range of 32 bit computer system, working process of 32 bit computer system
64-bit system
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