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Internet Protocol Address

                                Internet Protocol Address

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For the togethering address to send data we need IPA "Internet protocol address"

what is internet protocol address, what is ipv 6 and ipv 4
Internet protocol address

We have Internet by which all of the computers connected together all over the world. an internet needs a protocol a system by which he can target each computer. and we can do that via IP Address
                                                          The address is the target and location and in computer words its targeting computers on a network.

We also have IPV, what is mean by IPV?
    For the IPV stands for versions. and the IPV means "Internet Protocol Version."

We have two types of  IP versions.

1. IPV4        
2. IPV6

IPV6 and IPV4, types of internet protocol
IPV6 and IPV4

What do you mean by IPV4 and IPV6?
                                           It's just a same type that we have a software version 1 and update to version 2.
and the first major prevision version is IPV4. which is currently used by systems.
and IPV6 created later on.

So we will discuss these topics in the next post because they are a little bit complicated.

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