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Version Control System(internet things)


  What is Version Control System? (Internet things)

version control system. what is git hub and why we need version control system?
Version Control System

Version control system is used to control the functionality of a project or a system.

 why we need version control system?                                                                                              

When we are working on a Simple Project,
project management system with git
 such as a single page HTML, it is fairly easy to remember the last thing you changed and where the development is headed.
But tracking revisions over time also referred to as Version Control, quickly become more complex when we are working on a large project with multiple files and multiple developers.

We not only want to record changes, but also who made the changes, and when. Managing revisions at this level require a version control system.

Version Control Systems(VCS) help a software team manage changes to source code over time.
                                   VCS software includes tools for saving the state of a project, viewing the history of changes, and reverting changes. Developing software without using version control is risky, similar to not having backups.

VCS can also enhance and speed up development. Depending on the Version Control Software used, many developers can work on the same code at the same time.

For example, one developer on the team may be working on a new feature while another developer fixes an unrelated bug, each developer making their changes in several parts of the code base.

VCS even have tools to prevent conflicts when one developer's changes are incompatible with changes made at the same time by another developer.

         One of the most Popular Version Control Systems(VCS) is Git.

Git version control system

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