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Computer Programming Language

        First to last computer programming language

computer programming checklist. 

overview of first to last programming language.
first to last programming language.


Fortran is the oldest language and still in use. and it's created by IBM for science and engineering applications. and it's used by the National Weather Service. 

                                                ALGOL 58 (1958)

ALGOL is the Universal language and its first programming language for creating the software with more portable and accurate. 


it's developed for scientists and mathematicians. and it's still popular and also used by scientists.


it's developed for making financial and administrative systems. and it's used by the United State Postal Service. 


it's the first programming language that used object-oriented programming concept. it's used for making VLSI designs, processing modeling, algorithms, protocols, and computer graphics.


it's developed for making Windows and Unix operating systems. and it's is the one of the most widely used programming language in the present time. 

                                             SMALL TALK(1969)

it's the first object-oriented programming language to making the power of object-oriented codes and programmes


it's a teaching language. because it's known as it's simplicity. and it's used by Skype.


it's separately designed for United States Department of Defense. and it's a standard object-oriented language for USDD.


it's also an object-oriented programming language. and it's also one of the most commonly used languages today. and used for software makers. such as application software and system software. and also used for device and drivers, embedded software and high-performance servers, and for client applications. 
and used in Microsoft Office, Adobe PDF Reader, and Firefox.


it's made with the combination of SMALLTALK and C language. and it's used in Apple is MAC OS X and IOS.


it's a scripting language and used for patching the two different languages together. and it's used by the craigslist. 


it's used for creating web and cloud applications. Python is used by the Google Search, YouTube and NASA.

                                           VISUAL BASIC(1991)

it's used for creating simple GUI applications. it's easy to learn. and it has also used for developed complex applications. 


it's used the concept of C++ programming language. it's used for writing the code once and run anywhere. Java is used by the Android operating system. 


it's used for building web apps and used for hardware. and used for making administrative systems and 3D modeling. 


its original name is LiveScript and renamed by the Netscape marketers. it's a power of all the web pages. 


it's popular for making corporation applications. and used for design web and to produce the dynamic look of web pages. it's used by Facebook. 


it's developed by the Microsoft. it replaces the java. C# is the key of the Microsoft and .Net. 
it's used for web services. and it's used in Windows Phone 7. 

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