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Cool New Features in Python 3.7

 Cool New Features in Python 3.7(New-Tech)

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Cool new features in Python 3.7

The Cool New Features in Python 3.7

1. The breakpoint() Built-In.
2. Data Classes.
3. Customization of Module Attributes.
4. Typing Enhancements.
5. Timing Precision.
6. Other Pretty Cool Features.
                   A. The Order of Dictionaries is Guaranteed.
                   B. "async" and "await" Are Keywords.
                   C. "asyncio" Face-lift.
                   D. Content Variables.
                   E. Importing Data Files With importlib.resources. 
                   F. Developer Tricks.
                  G. Optimizations.

Python 3.7 is officially released!
                                                  What does the new Python version bring? While the documentation gives a good overview of the new features.

Python 3.7 is
       1. Easier access to debuggers through a new breakpoint() built-in.
       2. Simple class creation using data classes.
       3. Customized access to module attributes.
       4. Improved Support for type hinting.
       5. Higher Precision timing functions.

More Important that Python 3.7 is fast.

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