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How does the recording the sound and produce the sound

How does the speaker produce the sound and recorded record the sound?

Before I start the topic. I will remember one work to you which is SPU. in my earlier post you see that there are three parts of PU(Processing Unit).
In one of those, there is an SPU. which is stands for Sound Processing Unit. which is responsible for producing the sound. 
so I think now you know what is SPU.

so let's begin.

The sound is one of the simple media to work with how do the SPU produce the sound and collect the sound and convert the sound waves into binary. 

How does the SPU actually work?


                       When we speak to the microphone. at the head of the microphone, there are two electric plates(look in the picture) in which a second plate don't move but the first plate further moves upward and backward. 

how do the microphone record the sound
how do the microphone record the sound?
with the motion backward and upward with the air particles of air, it produces the electric charge and it sends to the SPU. and SPU receives the charge and convert the charges into the 0 and 1 in the memory and save the sound.

In the next post, I will teach you how does the Sound Produce. 

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