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How does the sound produce?

        How does the sound is produced by the speakers?

In an earlier post, I taught you how does the SPU(sound processing unit) record the sound and store the sound with the help of recorder.
Now today I will teach you how do the SPU produce the sound with the help of speakers.

how does the sound is produce by the speakers?
How does the sound is produced by the system?

so let's start
you know that the sound is recorded by the SPU in binary numbers and also stored in the binary number. 
likewise, for an example, we have numbers 11010100 and send to the SPU( sound processing unit) 
 the sound processing unit produces the electric charge and current and the current goes to the cable and received by the speakers and inside the speaker, there is a cone as shown in the figure.

sound system in th speaker
the sound system in the speaker

and it moves forward and backward and moving the air particle like as the source moves the air particle. while producing the sound and hitting to the speakers is the front part. and also hitting to our ear and produce the sound. 
it depends on the cone how near and far the cone from their original position and its depends upon the charge.

How does the charge actually moves?

We have a cone and there is a powerful magnet behind the cone as shown in the figure and the cone is separated from the magnet an there is a coil a large copper coil and this charge goes down from the all the way from the coil to the copper. who has wrapped around the cone as shown in the figure?

inner part of the sound system
the inner part of the sound system?
 that pus the cone from the magnet with the help of electric charge. and therefore it pus the cone and moves the air particles and creates the sounds and depending upon our base two number further large number of charge move further away from the cone from its original position and lower number pus small space.

so I think now you understand how do the speakers and SPU produce the sound.

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