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How to prepare for coding interviews, Tips for coding interview

 How to Prepare for coding interviews

Tips for coding interviews

For preparing coding interviews you just need to know that it is not an interview it is the test of your whole mind.
However, there are many things which are come your way when you preparing for a coding interview.

how to prepare for coding interviews, tips for coding intervies
Preparation for coding interviews

But the main part of your interview and to successfully crack the coding interviews one should be confident and well known in the following areas:

1. Project Designing.

2. Algorithms and Data Structures.

3. Coding.

4. Knowledge of Operating system.

I know you think that these things are not enough for cracking an interview. but one thing is that other things may be neglect but these things are so important.

1. Project Designing:

                                It is true that we live in a modern world and we also a modern programmer.
Project Designing means thinking about the whole system.
You should be able to design its architecture.
and also be able to dissect it into classes, define object interactions.
You also know about the patterns.
and you should know the answer that why we use such a thing to solve a problem.

2. Algo & DataStructure:

It's very and most important in every coding project. and is the most wanted skills for every programmer. one is should familiar with 
1. Algorithm Complexity:
2. Basic Data Structure & adapters:
          like:(Linked List, Stack, Queue.)
3. Trees and Graphs:
4. Hashtables:
All the technique is required for solving any kind of coding problem. You must know that which algorithm is better based on their complexity. You should know the best possible implementation for your projects.
So, it's most important.

3. Coding:

  It is sure that the technical field is highly recommended for faster and easy and minimum coding. and in coding the 1 topic I mentioned is helpful. 
you should know at least one programming language.
 knowing all the pros and cons, of your best and favorite language is helpful in your interview. and also helps to write efficient code.  
you should be code elegant and readable code.
and another one thing is that your problem-solving ability is also well versed.

4. Knowledge of Operating Systems 

It's strongly advised to be familiar with some kind of OS. and well know of how the computer implements any process.       
You should know how the Bitwise Operations are worked.
How does the CPU work with the machine code?
What is "mutex" and "semaphore".
What are deadlock and livelock?
You should know at least one operating system with good knowledge.
and how the server base is work and how the client side is managed.
another one main thing is you should work on and think on big image. 

But behind this scenario, there are some other terms which you keep in your mind at the time of interview

You should convey a passion to learn.
Also, show eagerness to embrace change.
you have some show-up your activity of the developer community.
show experience and workflow knowledge.
show passion to learn and adapt.

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