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Mac Address

                                  What is Mac Address

mac address, media access control address
Media Access control address

We know that there are two types of address

1.IP address
2.Mac address

So, I discuss IP address in my earlier post. and if you don't know click on the link given below of post.

So, let start
We have another type of address called MAC (media access control address) address.
what is this address and why is this so important.
It's important for local's not important for internet network connection.

Mac address is litrely a silicon chip with positive and negative charges. and it's very unique it allows us for networking and administration and to identify the media access control that connects to networks.

for an example, we target any person with there names. and also a home has an address for targeting.
like the wise computer has an address called Mac address.
Mac address is popular for his uniqueness because the Mac address is not changed in our computer. it's unique for every computer or system.

Why we use Mac address in our computer?

For an example, we know that for internet connection we need IP address if we connect our device to the internet and download some files from to the internet. and this duration of time if we disconnect our device to the internet. and after that we again connect to the internet our device then our IP address is changed. so how do the servers find our device and continue to download the files and data? it's simply happened because we have a unique Mac address. with the Mac address, the servers get connects to the same device and continue the process. 
so why there is a Mac address and it's useful for Media accessing device.

So Mac address is very unique and it's used for identification but the IP address is used for there is a connection or not.
but the IP address is not whole unique for a specific device.
there is also a resion that is security for that is Mac address used.

Mac address is fully coded in the binary codes. and it's 48 bits in length.

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