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Server and HTTP

                                       What are Servers

what are servers, how the computer get datas

The server is only computers that connect internets. and they serve the files. they can also receive the data as well. so servers are only for storing the data and for sending the data worldwide.

The server is work with ISP. when the router sends to the ISP. and ISP looks for a server. the server has also an IP address. and that package which sends by the router to the ISP. and ISP sends to the server that package. and what servers make a new package with our public IP address. and stocks all the data in a package with requesting file and send back to the ISP.

so the servers are basically are a computer that enables for storing the data. and also for sending the data within the packages.

                                       What is HTTP

hyper text transfer protocol

HTTP stands for HyperText Transfer Protocol. it's transmitted hypertext over the network. this is the protocol of the web.
its structure is non-linear. and also flexible and multimedium.
Hypertext is text that is coded using the hypertext ML.
and it also provides access to other internet protocols.

There are millions of web pages on the internet and all are coded in the hypertext language.
So the HTTP is enabled these web pages to link one another and also transfer the data written on it.

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