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     Summit, the world is most powerful supercomputer?  

summit the world is most powerful supercomputer
Summit the world is a most powerful supercomputer

Finally, we got a big boost in the field of the computer world. because of the United State is (unofficially)
back on top, with the world's most powerful supercomputer name SUMMIT.
SUMMIT is unofficially the world's fastest and most powerful is faster than a speeding bullet, more powerful than a locomotive, and able to make 200,000 trillion calculations in a single second.

(if a person on earth did one calculation per second (and they can't), it would take the world population 305 days to do what SUMMIT can do in one second.)

Superlatives of SUMMIT
1. SUMMIT costs $200 million.
2. it takes up to 5600 square feet of floor space equal to the two tennis courts.
3. it weights 340 tons.
4. it uses 185 miles worth of fiber optics cables,       

Peak performance:-200 flops
Number of nodes:-4608
Memory per node:-512GB DDR4 + 96GB  HBM2
Nv memory per node:-1600GB
Total system memory:- >10 PB DDR4 +HBM2 + Non-volatile 
Processors:-9,216 IBM Power9 CPVs
                     27,648 Nvidia Volta V100 GPUs
File system:-250 PB IBM Spectrum Scale  GPFS 2.5 TB/s
Power Consumption:-13MW
Interconnect Mellanox:-EDR 100G InfiniBand
Operating system:- Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) Versio7.4

SUMMIT is twice as powerful equal to the china's 2017 winner of the world's fastest supercomputer and eight times more powerful than Oak Ridge's last System.

SUMMIT will be used, in part to invigorate reason on artificial intelligence, astronomy, and health care, so, the technology creates robots, discover new stars in our galaxy.
SUMMIT'S dominance is expected to be announced officially when the TOP 500's mid-year report comes out in a few weeks. it's a list scientist put together twice a year of the top 500 fastest supercomputers.

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