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Top websites that help you learning fast in no time and free

The top site that can help you to learning fast and with free. (tips&tricks)

In this post, you will find that there are top websites related to technology that gives you knowledge very fast in an easy way, and in no time and free of cost. 

Most of the peoples have an issue that they don't have money for the study. even I have also had an issue that I have no money for learning other things. not even college things but some other things. 
so why am creating this post?

                  This site gives you all the knowledge related to technology. this is the hub of technical students. this site gives you over 80 thousands of course. and all the course are taught by expert instructors. this site gives you all the knowledge of development courses, marketing courses, office productivity courses,  software courses, personal development course, academic courses, test prepare course, business courses, design courses, lifestyle courses, music course, language course, etc. 
and this is the best site for anyone of people who are the lover of technology. 

This site also gives you the coupon of their courses that gives you free courses. 

                    This site gives you nano degree courses. this site gives you web-development course, app development course, Machine learning course, artificial intelligence, data scientist, programming and development, autonomous system.  
and if you sign up on udacity via this link then you get 1000 scholarship, click here  

3. EDEX  
              This site gives you the knowledge of computer science course, languages, data statistics, Business management, Engineering courses, etc.

                     This site gives you the knowledge of deep learning, graphics courses, data scientist, management course, affiliate marketing course, engineering courses, etc.  

5.  W3School 
                   This site gives you only the knowledge of web development. and if you are interested in web development course then you should be stuck with this site.

6. Alison
              This site is free to use and no hidden charges. and it also includes all the stuff which you want. and arrangement of the contents are very specific so you can use it easily.

7. Codegym
                 Codegym is the Java developer site. here you can find the path to become a java developer. with a professional. here are only focus on practical knowledge. and it gives you step by step knowledge so you can easily understand the stuff. remember that it's only for java developer.

8. SoloeLearn
                   Sololearn is free to use. but you comfortable with the solo learn app. I also use it. it gives us a daily assignment. and daily challenges. and here we also create our contest. and it has a lot of course.

9. Tutorialspoint
                        The main point of this site is that you can find all the professional techniques with separate sections. it's totally free. it's one of the worlds is best and top site. I recommended you this site. I also use this site to learn. all the courses related to technical things and other techniques are available here.

10. Programmiz
                      This site gives you some new technical skills. but it has minimum content. here you can learn programming learn. you can learn C, C++, Python, Swift, and R languages.

11. GeeksforGeeks
                          This site is one of the best and no one international site for technical stuff. it's a very large site and with many courses. you can find very big things related to your profession. you can also apply for internships. 

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