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Understanding Neural Networks in machine learning.

How do the machines and robots communicate with humans                                    and with each other?

In this post, I teach you who is stands for the communication of robots.

First, of I will introduce the word  Neural network. the neural network stands for range and strength of communication of robots with humans. the goal of the Neural network is to generate the machine algorithms that help us to communicate with robots and give the sound to robots.
There are many layers in the Neural network which can be used for generating the sound and algorithms. as shown in figure 
what is neural network and how does the robots communicate with humans?
what is the Neural Network and how do the robots communicate with humans?

In a simple way, the goal of Neural Network is to mimic the way in which the human brain can think.

Neural Network

The Neural Network has the remarkable ability to derive meaning from complicated or imprecise data, that can be used to extract patterns and detect trends that are too complex to be noticed by either humans or other computer techniques.

Artificial Neural Network 

Our brain is to complicate because never one of the people can read it fully. also, our brain is trained
for ever single work and carrying out the data related to every task in our life. like how to make food and how to drink water and how to go to the party and how to wear a dress. 
and that is all done by our neurons in our brains. if one of the neurons is gone on off for some time related to such part of our body is go on off.
likewise, there is the Neural Network in a robotic system which is trained for each specific task and information about each work. each neuron is connected to each other and communicate with each other and transfer the data. if we give a task to machine each then neurons compare this value to each other and then neuron which has the relationship between both answerings about the question.
as I earlier mentioned that each neuron is capable of passing the information to related to neighbor neural. 
another one is that neurons are work in layers because they are organized in layers.

this is an image that how a neural network looks like.

simple neural network structure
simple neural network
the different layer can perform different kinds of operations. there is such another thing is that the signal from the first layer to the last layer can be traveling multiple times. and the answer is come after traveling the signal multiple time.
the connection is turned off until the higher accurate value is not found. likewise our brain.

Neural networks have been used on a variety of tasks, including computer vision, speech recognition, machine translation, playing board and video games, medical diagnosis, and in many other domains.

if you want to understand how does the machine hear our sound because the machine only understands the binary data and process in binary data.
if you want to know so I will teach you in the next chapter.

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