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What is Unified Modeling Language


            What is UML(Unified Modeling Language)?

Have you hear about the UML in past time. the answer is no then read the article with carefully and fully and get the answer. 

With the help of Unified Modeling Language, we can be described the Object Oriented Programming is class and it's data members and it's data functions in a graphical manner.

Structure diagram of UML

what is unified modeling language
what is UML
That you see in the diagram there is three box in the UML diagram. The topmost box contains the name of the class. The middlemost box contains the data members and their data types. The last box contains the member functions name, parameter list, and the return type of the function. 
(+) plus sign at the front of a member indicates that this member is a public. 
(-) minus sign indicates that this is a private member. 
(#) hash symbol before the member name indicates that the member is a protected member.

for an example,this is a class and the data members and the data functions of the class.

class Test

                    int a;
                    float f;
                    char c;
                       int getdata(int x)

                      void show_data(float f1,char c1)


you see there is a class name Test and there is data members of the class is int a, float f, char c,
and their data functions int getdata(int x) with protected access modifier. and the other function is void show_data(float f1, char c1) with public access modifier.

so the UML diagram of this program is
understanding UML
UML diagram of the class Test 

you see that there in the first box of the UML diagram there is a class name called Test, and in the second box, we defined data members off the class, and all the data with minus sign which indicate that all the members are private.
and in the last box, we defined to data functions with int and void return type, and the sign # and + indicate protected and public functions.

UML diagram is so important because we do a defined structure diagram(class diagram, object diagram, component site diagram) and also behavior diagrams, intractions diagrams.

with the help of the UML, we level up the interaction and Abstraction of the program. it also helps us to generate more stable and error-free codes and also help us to generate the database of the program

so for information please follow me and for any question comment on the section given below.

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