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Where does the IP address come from and what happens when we connects our computer to our router

                             Internet service providers

The question is where does the IP address come from?

This IP address comes from an Internet service provider. that allows us to be accessible on the global Internet.

who is provide the IP address, problem of ip address
Internet Protocol Address
But we have a problem we have working with 32 bits.
which have minimum 4 million combinations? which means there is four million same address. and when we start to access the internet all four million devices get started.

How we solve this problem. we solved it by the router. and 
when we look at the router we find NAT.
NAT means 

N= Network

and the NAT (Network access translation) limits the amount of IP address. that's the ISP(Internet service provider) has to give out.

How the Router has worked?
How the router works, what is router

Our router has the bits which connect to ISP. and the ISP gives out one address to the device. ISP does not provide the same address to another device. 
ISP has only limited possible IP address. 
and that's why the people started to connect to the router.

So the ISP had limits of IP address. to gives out to a router and once he gives to address to the device that address is allocated to the device. and they cannot use this IP until the device is not disconnected.

So What happened when our router is connected to ISP.

When our router connects to ISP. and our router is a computer. so it needs an IP address and this IP address comes from ISP. this is called public IP address. and anybody can access that IP address.

So What happened when our computer connects to the router?

Our computer has the private IP address. and these address doesn't come from ISP. these address allocated by our router.

For example

 Our laptop, tablet, and phone connected to our router. each one device assigned an IP address by our router. not from the ISP. and when we type a requesting data like as and it's actually requesting data from a server. and whenever we request a service or website. its made a package so whenever we send binary data it's sand a package.
so we requested a package or a requesting data. so our computer made a package of binary data with our IP address and send to the router. and the router stores the IP address, not ISP. and the router sends the package to the ISP. and ISP returns data package to the router, and our router remembers our private address. and send to the requested computer.

Note: when we disconnect to the router our computer and reconnected to the router our IP address will be changed.

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