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which one you should learn? Python or Java

            Which One You Should Learn Python or Java

In this post, I show you up which language is best for the future opinion.

before I will start I want to introduce to these words Python and Java. what are Java and Python?

Java and Python are two most widely and powerful language in present time. java is released in 1991 and developed by the  James Gosling at Sun Microsystems. and Python is also released in 1991 and developed by the Guido Van Rossum.

Now the question comes around that which one is better Java or Python?
Java vs Python
which one is better Java or Python
Java is one of the most fundamental language that produce the software for multiple platforms and the best thing is that it's machine independence and it can be code one time and run multiple time anywhere. it's most reliable and fast, secure and used for general purpose.  

Python is a simple easy to read and a high-level programming language. 

Both Java and Python are a most controversial language with their opinion.

So let's compare both languages. 


Java is statically typed and Python is dynamically typed. so the Java is the fast more than Python.


In the comparison of both language Java is long lines of codes compared to Python. so the Python is producing the sort code.


Java is popular for mobile and web applications. and Python is popular for future trading like data-science, Machine learning, Artificial intelligence, and for the Internet of things.


If I talk about the trends of both language so the graphs are varying on the country base. because in India the Python are growing up in the last two years. but in other countries like USA and UK, both language is on trends. 


In syntax base 
Java has compiled base language. but the Python is an interpreted language.
both the language is Object-Oriented Language.
Java is statically typed but the Python is dynamically typed.


Java is most popular in the database and widely used but the python is weak in this layer.

So if you want to go with future trading I recommended Python. but choose with your mind setup. and also comment on the section given below which language is you choose.

Thank You 

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