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Which programming language you should learn first and why?

Which Programming Language you should learn first and why?

In this post, I will show you up that if you want to become a programmer and you are a beginner and new in the programming field. then which, how you start your first programming language to be a successful programmer.

In now day the technology becomes more powerful and larger. and in this field, the programming language becomes the major source of the tech. 
there are so many programming languages in the field of technology. there is C, C++, Java, Python, and many many others.
but all the programming languages are not set to the first and comfort zone if we try to learn first and pick up any language.
which programming language you should learn first?
which programming language you should learn first?

If you are a beginner then you should first start with the simple programming languages. like C and Python. and I also recommended it and strongly with C. 
you should pick one of both languages as your first programming language. when I started I pick C as my first programming language.

but the most of the beginner do the wrong thing in their way. not only that they pick another language. even if they pick C as their first language. but they do not use it very well. they only learn the core parts of the programming language.
If you pick any language for the first then you should learn it very well. and even you also know the extra process and things of the language.
likewise, if you learn first C then you should know the

1. All the header files in it.
2. which things are used in the program and why?
3. you should know all the functions.
4. you should know the process of working in different compilers with the same language.
5. you should learn how to allocate the memory with different data types.
6. you should know the preprocessors.
7. you should know the dynamic memory allocations.
8. you should know how to handle and work with pointers.
9. you should know how to work with file handling.
10. you should know how to read and write the data.
11. you should know what types of operators are there and how to use these.
12. you should know how to short and search for any data.
13. you should know how to convert one data type to another data type. should know the complex functions of the programming.
15. you should know the size and range of the data types.

there are so many other topics are there which you should learn first in your first programming language.
this is the only key to success in the programming field. because if you learn your passionate language first and you cover all the topics in your first language. then they should help you to learn these topics in other languages. and your learning speed is also fast and you grow up very early in the programming field.
in this way, you should learn other programming languages with high and fast speed.

but the main thing is that you have to be passionate about it. and remember one thing is that you should learn many languages and get knowledge of other languages. but do your efforts in one language and go with her and do mastering in a particular language.

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