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Advanced Research Projects Agency (ARPA) Network.

                                 What is ARPANET?

     Advanced Research Projects Agency (ARPA) Network.

                         Do you know about what is ARPAN Net?
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ARPANET stands for Advanced Research Project Agency Network. this network was developed in 1969 by Advanced Research Projects Agency and service hold by the department of the defense of the united state of America
what is arpan american research project agency network.
Advanced Research Project Agency

This network is used for research, development, and testing of networking technologies. 

first of all this network only connected four host computers at four separate universities throughout the united states, and used to share resources and information related to defense.

At the last of 1972, there is 37 computer connected to ARPANET. 

and in 1973, ARPANET makes his first international connections to England. 

after that, the defense of the united state of America set the rules on this network which is now called TCP/IP (Transmission Control Protocol or Internet Protocol).


            TCP/IP is a set of rules or the set of protocols that is control how the data is transmitted across networks. it also operates that which types of the operating system should be connected to the network and used to share the data across the worldwide. 

The ARPANET is a backbone of the network trap. and it enables the small computer networks to connect to together and share the data via the protocols. 

TCP/IP is available for free and anybody can use it to connecting to the network. and after the1973 it increases rapidly. 

and only and only TCP/IP is helped to create the trap of the network as we know is present. 

and another one thing is that in 1972, the name of the ARPANET is changed into DARPANET means (Defense advanced research projects Agency). 

so in 1983, DARPA decided that TCP/IP  should be the standard set of protocols. and only and only it's used to connecting to the computer to the ARPANET.  

and after that, all the systems and the local network are used the TCP/IP to connecting to the universal network. 

        The main theme of the ARPANET is that this agency wants to make a network that is should in the parts. and if any parts will be going to off the network still would be accessible. 

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