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Application programming interface and Console

                             What are API and Console?

If we unable to communicate with others. it would become difficult to survive in the world for us.

likewise, we know that the computer has several programmes on it. and do you really think how does the computer communicate with their programmes?
the computer has a different thing. the computer has thousands of programs to make it an operating system. if they only talk to themselves.  it would not become an operating system. 

So, to communicate with each other every operating system has an API

                                                            A= Application 
                                                            P= Programming 
                                                            I= Interface

what is application programming interface?
Application programming interface

Now likewise, in our life, we have a specific name to communicate with each other. and we can address that person and any other thing to communicate with each other. 

Likewise, in the operating system, every program has a specific name to communicate with each other directly. and also a program communicate with several programs at a time. and asking for data and interface with them.

but to communicate each program with another program operating system has a specific program which is called API(application programming interface). with the help of API, we have to ask for data to a specific program. and communicate with each other. 

For an example=
                               We have an operating system and an operating system there are several programs. and every program has a unique name. and to address by their name we can communicate with others.

But the question is how we ask any question to a computer or operating system?

The thing which is responsible to communicate with the computer and ask them to a perform a specific task is a CONSOLE.

A console is text interface, it's a verb of the computer. it's an act of communication.
what is console window
console window

but in present time in the operating system, there is GUI. which is responsible for asking a question to the computer.  and another thing is that GUI is not a part of the computer system. it an external source. 
but in past time there is no any GUI called Graphical User Interface.we don't have Graphical components. 

we have an only type of interface to communicate with the computer system is called Console. 
 a console is a simple text screen in which we can simply type the name of the program and the name of the task to perform and asking for data and print the answer. 
and the console is a way and an entity to communicate with the pair of programs.

But the one thing is that how a program communicates with itself. 

So we have two types of API. 
1. EAPI (external application programming interface)
2. IAPI (internal application programming interface)

           External application programming interface is used to communicate with one program to another program. 

          Internal application programming interface is used to communicate with the program itself. 

For an example= 
                          If we type in a console window and request for an image to open in a particular folder. then first of all the EAPI is work and go to the specific program which holds the folder. and after that IAPI works and searches for an image in a program which you want to open. and after that, it could be open by EAPI. 

Note :
          The console is not only used to communicate with internal programs on a computer. it also used to communicate with external programs. likewise, if we have downloaded a software and install it on the computer. then command to console to open it. then the console opens it on the computer.

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