Wednesday, October 3, 2018

Execution of programming language

                   Execution of Programming Language

what you know about the programming language. and why we need to a programming language. and how these are invented. 
have you any idea?
why we need to invent the programming languages.
programming languages.

Our computer is a tool and we are also able to turn our computer on and off. 
In past time we have large and big computers like as a room. and run this computer we need more than one people. and we only able to store some of the bits(data) in a large space. and we also use once and not zero(0) and one(1) to create a program and to do work on the computer. 
but now time we are able to turn our computer into a tiny metallic peace of positive and negative charge and succeed in making a cheap new computer. 
there is one another thing is that in past time the computer only understands the combination of once and note. but people don't want to make a program in once and notes. 

So because of this reason, we need a programming language to interact with computers.
and without this, we cannot make such applications we have today. like graphics editor, video editor.

without a programming language. it's just impossible. the zero and once are only for computers. we need tools for us. we need to make programming languages. because its very simple to communicate with computers. for only of their effective communication and the ability to get the point in a very simplistic way. and to communicate with a computer-like as a human. 
one thing is that our computer does not understand programming languages. so the most programming languages come with either interpreter, compiler or the most combine thing JIT/AOT compiler.  and they get the human code and deliver the machine code that's computer actually understand. a
so there is also very different programming languages for these. like as C, C++, Java, C#, and each one of these languages take a compiler.
and each compiler had different because the syntax of the programming language is different. 

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