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Google search console part-II

     Google search console 

How to use google search console to Improve your site's ranking and search preference.

This is the second post on Google search console. and if you don't read my first post which is about GSE. then I recommended you to read my first post because without reading my first post you won't be able to understand this post. 
click here to read my first post.

So let's start in my earlier post I teach you about how to add your site on google search console and how to verify your site's ownership. and I was also taught you how to see your site is performing and how to inspect URL of a post which is on your site.

Today I am going to cover up the rest of features of Google Search Console.

I am gonna teach you about Index(coverage, sitemap), Enhancement(mobile usability), Manual actions, links, and settings. which is shown in an image given below in a black box.

so open your Google Search Console Home and see your site is performance...

         This part shows you details about your site's pages. 
If you click on "Error" block this shows you that how much pages of your site's content errors.
If you click on "Valid with Warnings" this shows you that how much pages of your sites valid but have a warning.
If you click on "Valid" this shows you that how much pages of your site's valid without any errors.
If you click on the "Excluded" block this shows how much pages of your site's remaining which is not indexed but in process of indexing.

And when you scroll down the bottom section shows you details about the whole pages of your site. 
it shows how much pages are currently indexed and how much pages are currently not indexed and how much pages are valid or containing errors and blocked by the google's crawlers.

           The sitemap is so important part of your site. without sitemap Google's crawlers doesn't know how is your site and how much your site content pages and links. and how big is your site?
if you don't submit your site's sitemap then just write down "sitemap.xml" on the blank space which is after your site's URL and submit it. 
and your site is sitemap is now submitted.
now the google automatically knows how much your site's big and connect to pages.

mobile usability:
                        This section shows you that your site is useful on mobile. and how much pages are validated to open on mobile and small screens? and if this section show 0 errors then your site is valid for mobile usability.

Manual Actions:
                        This section shows you that which type of action you need to perform on your site which is help you to perform your site smoothly. and "no issue is detected" then nothing to do. 

      This section gives you the information about how much page's of your site's linked to externally. and how much page's of your site's linked internally. it' also show you the site's names which are highly connected to your site. 

          The setting is only content the validation form of your site. one can verify the site from setting and remove the site from the Google search console.

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