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How do you earn monthly $100 from Amazon.

How you earn $100 a month with no investment.

In this post, I will give you the way to earn $100. in a month with no investment of money and you don't need any pre-required skills for this work you only need a common sense and an internet connection to do this work. 

make 100 dollars in one month
How to make $100 in one month

first of all, I will show you what is work which you need to do. 
you have already know about Amazon Kindle E-book store. in which you can read 10,000 or more book with free of cost and in one click. 
but there is another one thing is that is all the book only showup by the Amazon company. 
no, it's really not true.

let you know that there are two types of books there.
1. Public domain books.
2. Private domain books.

Public domain books are which is freely available to sold and anyone can be sold these types of books anywhere and we don't need any type of permission to sell it.

and the private books are which is not freely available to sold and only the author and a company can be sold this and we need permission to sell these types of books.

so here I am going to show up you how to sold public domain books on Amazon to get money. 

so let's start 

first of all, you need to make an account on amazon kindle. let me tell you that if you have already an Amazon account just log in. 

for login and for register go here Kdp signin

let me tell you one thing more that is Amazon and Amazon KDP is different. Amazon is used for selling products. and in KDP we will only be sold the paperback version or the public domain books. 

after that, you will direct on amazon kindle direct publishing page. on the top of the page, you see information that your account information is incomplete. 

first of click on update now and fill all the information and text information listed on the page. 

after that click on the Bookshelf link and you direct on the page where you know start uploading the books.

but first, you need to download the public domain books. 
so there are many sites where you can download the public domain books. 
so search on browser about public domain books. and go to one of the sites. 
but I recommended you to go to the site for public domain books. 

so go to the site and go on the section public domain books where you find tag wise books. click on the image and you find the all the information about the book. pick the best and popular books and download the epub version of the book. and save on your system. 

then go to your amazon kindle account where you find the link kindle ebook. 
click on it and you go to the next page. 
here is three page on where you can fill the information of book.

note: only fill the needed information.

on the first page fill the full name of the book and author name of the book. and fill the seven keywords related to your book. after that click on the button (this is public domain book). 
this is the main information and you required to fill all these information which I mentioned.

after that click on the save and continue button. 

and you will direct on the next page. after that, you need to upload the epub version of the book which you download. and upload the best cover of the book and you also make it from Amazon page maker.

after that when the process is done click on the save and continue button. and you will direct on the next page. 

after on next page you only need to fill the prize of the book. and I recommended you that fill only the amount between 1 to 3 dollars. because by which you can be sold your book very easily.

and now click on the button publish.  
congratulation you submitted your first ebook. 
and now the book will go for the review. and the maximum time a book is going to the process of the review is 72 hours. after successfully submitting the Amazon team send you a message related to this book. 
now your book is live on Amazon. 

so now you can continue the process of uploading. 

and you see your reports on the one click on the reports at the top of the page. 

for any question related to post the comment on the section given below.

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