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how to be a game developer?

How to be a Game Developer? (Tips&Tricks)

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In today is the world the gaming world is becoming a large and important part of technology. and many people involved in the gaming development area. and every technical man has a desire that he would become a good game developer.  

So if you think so today I am going to tell you how to become a good Game developer step by step.

how to become a game developer?
How to become a game developer?

First thing I want to show you that the half of the gaming world depends upon creativity. and if you have some sense that you have some creativity of your own. so this is the Plus+ point for you.  
and if you don't have creativity then you should help other man or a company to develop a desireful game. 
But this is the other thing which you have or not doesn't matter. 

The main thing is that you have the knowledge of the things on which the game should be developed.
like you have the knowledge of programming languages. you have the knowledge of gaming development software. you have the knowledge of different types of creatures used in games. and many many other things...

So I will explain to you how to go deep in Gaming world step by step.....

Step 1:
Learn Programming Languages:

1. Python: 
2. C language:
3. Objective C

Pick your one side language and get stuck with it and learn it totally. and but don't stick with only one programming language. you have some knowledge of some other programming languages. I suggest you that just get started with a programming language. like you have chosen python and it needs to go deep in the language. and one thing is that don't think about to create the whole game. just create the .05% part of your game. and then go to the next step.....

Step 2:
Learn some Maths:

In my opinion, math is important for a game developer. learn algorithm and linear algebra. and also try to understand trigonometry function, physics, and calculus. and then just add your mathematical mind to the coding. after that go to the next step.....

Step 3:
Learn some other Terminology:

There are some other factors which also related to the Gaming area. you have just familiar with Network fundamentals, computer graphics, game algorithms. and you need to learn objective design because the game only depends on conditions.  these things help you to create wonderful games. and also gives you the customer service. 

Step 4:
Learn about Game Engines:

There are many Game Engines like:
and many others...

but you only need to learn one or two. and if you think that you will want to go to the particular company then just search for the company with which the company works with. another wise just pick a top class Game Engine and then fully learn it.

and there are some other factors or you can say that other area on which you need to hand on.....

Just learn.....
How to Link software with the game engine.
How to put a game into Portfolio.
     Portfolio means the links of all the software which need to install the game. 

Useful Tips:
               To be a game developer or in any profession, you need that you have the practical knowledge of all the things which you learn. and another fact is that just create a simple and small game of project small devices just like for smartphones or social media site. 

But the problem is that where we should learn these things. So I suggest you that if you are a beginner then just go with simple setup or learn simple things. search for youtube videos, search for blogs post just like this, or just search on the profession sites like udemy or udacity and go with the simple courses. and then go deep with step by step. 

This line is the end of the post........

So Thank You..................
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    If you want to work in game programming, you need to have a bachelor's degree in computer science or software development. And if you want to work as a game artist or designer, you need to have a degree or a diploma in 2D and 3D animation, media design, animation or game art and development.

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