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How to become a Computer Expert

Today is the world computer knowledge is a must. and knowledge of computers has become vital for everybody. because today the world is called the digital world. and everywhere and in every passion we need computers. 

so, if you are thinking to become a computer expert. so read this full post and follow my steps.

how to become a computer expert and make career as a computer expert, learn computer programming

First of all one thing is that you need to learn about three important topics.

  1. Computer Fundamentals.
  2. Computer architectures.
  3. Computer hardware. 

These three words make important sense in your career as a computer expert.

so here is the question arise that how to learn these things and what these topics include. 

How and what you should learn in Computer Fundamentals.

The mean of computer fundamental is that what we should do with the use of the computer. so this section gives you knowledge of computer fundamentals.

Topics in Computer Fundamentals:

  • What is a computer?
  • Generations of the computer.
  • Types of computers. (Personal, Supercomputer, Mainframe, Minicomputer)
  • Computer Operations. (Start, toolbar, network connection, desktop icons)
  • Software and Firmware.
  • Applications of OS.
  • Kernel and Assembler.
  • Computer data and run programs.
  • System configurations.
  • Files and folder.
  • Disk Defragmenter 
  • Back up system
  • Types of software. ( System application, compilers, application software)
  • Installation and uninstallation of the software.
  • Device Drive.
  • Internet and services of the internet. ( Web surfing, printing, sending, receiving, file connectivity, Email service)
  • Viruses. ( Network virus, Email virus, Macro virus, Boot sector virus)

How and what you should learn in Computer architecture.

This section gives you the base knowledge of computers. like how computer process data and how an application work on the computer. and without learning the architecture of the computer you wouldn't able to learn about the hardware of the computer. 

Topics in Computer architecture:
  • Input process.
  • Output process.
  • Interconnectivity.
  • Algebraic and arithmetic representation.
  • Signals types. (Analog signals, Digital signals)
  • Types of digital signals.
  • Types of numbers. ( Binary, decimal, hexadecimal, octal)
  • Interconversion of binary numbers.
  • Gray codes.
  • Arthimetics on numbers.
  • Logic gates.
  • Boolean algebra.
  • decoder and Encoder.
  • Multiplexer and De-Multiplexer.
  • Adder and ICs.
  • Checksum and CRC.
  • Memory processing.
  • BUS, Registers, and Flags.
  • Buffer, Stacks, and Input-Output ports.
  • Processor level and the Execution unit.

Here the one question that should arise in your mind is that why we need to learn these topics. the funda is that computer is only working with one(1) and not(0). and we need to understand one and not. and the hardware totally depends on Boolean logic and algebra. and without the hardware computer should not work. so to understand hardware we need to learn about Boolean algebra and logic gates. 

How and what you should learn in computer hardware.

This section gives you knowledge about the parts of the computer system. and only and only hardware is responsible for interaction between humans and machines like computers.

Topics in computer hardware:
  • Motherboard.
  • The central processing unit(CPU).
  • BIOS(Basic input-output system).
  • Random-access memory.
  • Read-only memory.
  • COM
  • Monitor. 
  • Storage system.
  • Disks(Hard disk, floppy disk, compact disk).
  • Keyboard, Mouse.
  • Printers.
  • Modem.
  • Installation of the computer device.
  • Installation means how to connect devices like mouse, CPU, keyboard, and other things to make a full computer.
  • Drivers.
  • Tribulation shooting.

But it's not enough because you are not going to make a computer. you are going to repair a computer. so you should know all the problems which come to any computer.

Next steps:

learn about computer problems:
  • Commands on Run commands.
  • How to unzip any file.
  • a connection of USB.
  • Mail spamming.
  • Disk Cleanup.
  • Title bar commands.
  • How to handle multiple files.
  • E-mail attachment.
  • Finding an IP address.
  • How to set Proxy.
  • Rostering window.
  • Activation of the window.
  • File recovery system. 
  • DVD uses.
  • Remote desktop protocol.
  • Cookies set up.
  • Setting Email filters.
  • How to burn a CD.
  • Use of spyware.
  • Virtual memory.
  • Loading of application from PC to mobile.

and anyone. and learning only depends on how much you use a computer. 

so there is one another thing is that you should know basic knowledge about Ms-Office, PowerPoint, word, and excel. and also know the shortcut keys of computer and other software and hardware.

These are not enough topics. like you think you only need to learn these topics and after that, you become a top computer expert.

Please share this post as much as possible and don't forget to share your thoughts in the comment section below. 

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