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How to learn anything related to your profession (Tips&Tricks)

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how to learn anything related to your profession?
Learning management

If you are into a profession or you involve in any other thing. the learning is very important for every single man.
But many people don't know how to learn. they choose their profession with easily. but they don't know how to go ahead and deep in their profession.

So, today I am going to tell you some but very important factors which definitely give you which you need to learn in your professional life.

So today I going to tell you most 5 factors by which you can go deep in your profession.

1. Podcast
2. Books
3. Blogs posts
4. Training videos
5. Conferences

These five topics have their own meaning on them self.
top sources for learning where we can tap
Learning sources
1. Podcast:
               Podcast means E-learning. here you can count on your profession with top-up. podcast means digital learning. you can buy the courses related to your profession. like for an example, I am a web developer so to learn new things I buy the courses from different sites like Udacity, Udemy, Cora, and many other sites. once you can buy your courses you can download these courses in your tablets, smartphones, and in your computers. and you can learn anything at anywhere.

2. Books:
             This idea you already know but I give you a little bit more things by which you can learn more with your books. books are always our good friends. and we can hold it anywhere at any time. but you can also learn from digital books. like if you aren't able to buy books there are many ways where you can download the free books related to every topic.
I give you some tips which I use.
You have already know about Google play store.  but can you know in google play store there are sections of books where you can find all the books with free? and if you think there is also the prize for books. I give you an idea you can download the google rewards app from google play store by which you get the google play credits. which you can use to buying apps and books.
Second, you know about the amazon kindle this site gives you the free trial of one month and if you want to learn anything then this is the best option for you.

3. Blogs post:
                    This is one of the greatest options for anyone to learn anything. in today is a time the world is turning to the blogging sites. and there are so many and best blogs related to everything. you can search on the browser for anyone of thing for a blog post. however, the blogs are now become widely in used. so the best thing is that you can learn from blogs related to your passion. one of the best source to find the blogging post is pinterest.com you can search everything here.

4. Training Videos:
                           Training videos mean you can search for videos related to any topics. one of the most popular sites is Youtube where you can find all the videos related to your profession. and you can also post the comment to the video for any question and queries and the trainer reply you the answer. one best thing is that you can save and download these videos for later. here are some another source where you can find the training videos like the second most popular site is Unacademy.com
where you find the stuff related to your passion. another one is the Linkedin site.

5. Conferences:
                        The main three major thing is related to conferences is Usergroups, Hackathon, and Codecamp. you can go deep in your passion by using these three things. these things are very useful for your career. Hackathon is a one day program. where you can work on a particular project. and learn something new. and you can also join the groups related to your profession on social media. and you also follow the peoples which are in your profession and ask him for any queries. and the Codecamp is like a weekend Event. here you can attain lots of many sessions on a verity of topics. and you can conversion on your queries to the community.

So these are the top five(5) best ways to goes deep in your passionate way.
either you can be a developer, or a programmer, or a hacker or something else. choose your own way and comment me if you think these fives topics is best for you to learn you passionate subject.

To read this post you think you find something new then please share this post and comment me for any question and queries related to your topics.

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