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How to use Google Search Console (part-I)

How to use Google Search Console to improve search preference of your website.

In this post, I will tell you all about Google search console and how to use the console to improve your site management.

Google search console is a tool to help you to improve your site performance, and fix errors. it also gives you the report that your site comes in google search report or not. and how much traffic comes on your site at a given time. 
search on the google the keyword "google search console" or click here and you redirect to the page which is shown in the image given below. and click on the button start now.

how to use google search console tool to improve your site is performance.
Google Search Console Tool
you can improve your site to make your site visible to the users.

Google Search:

                   Google search crawl your site's pages and improve your site is preferences. and give you to information about your site's pages. and index your site in google search and inspect your URL.

Site's issue and fix:

                         Search console inspects your site and identify the issues and give you the information about which page is the content issue and give you the solution of bugs.

Site index on google:

                        search console views your all the pages which are on your site. and index your site and your site's pages and now the site can easily come in the google search engines. 

Optimizing and Analysing:

                       Google search console optimize your site and analysis your site's position on google search pages. and gives you the reports of per clicks and impression.

Note:  When all four stuff or topics (shown at the top)  comes together your site becomes visible.
           but remember one thing that does not copy past or copy the content of other sites to improve your site's content. 
My advice is that you can write your content with your own mind. and all the stuff which is on your site is your own creations.

Now learn how to use Search console to improve your site.

Note: there is two version of Google search console which is used in present time. 

when you click on the start button you will redirect to the page which is shown in the image given below.

google search console
Google Search Console

Click on the top left corner.  and click on the "Add property". and your site is URL. and click on the button "continue". and click on the button "done". and now go to the setting and click on the  "Owner verification". and select any one method to verify your site's ownership. and if the site is automatically verified then nothing to do. 

Now you can use Google search console tool.      

Properties of Google Search Console Tool.    

There are four six points for you.

First Column:
        URL Inspection

Second (Index):

Third (Enhancement):
        Mobile Usability

Four (Manual):
        Manual Actions


The only top 5 (five) point are important for you.

               In overview, you find the full overview of your site. you find your site's performance, coverage, and enhancement. and if you want to view more then you can click on the button "open report".

                     In performance, you find your site's performance than how many clicks on your site and how much impression on your post. and you also find the "Average CTR" and "Average position".

Total Clicks: 
       total click means how much click on ads which is on your site. click on "Total click" to find the report.

Total Impression:
                         It is the percentage that how much your content reached to the people who read your content. click on the "Total Impression" to find the report. 

Average CTR:
                     It is the rate of click on each ad. click on the "Average CTR" to find the report.

Average position:
                        It shows that how an ad ranks related to other ads. click on the "Average position" to find the report.

Note: if you want to find your site's performance related to a keyword. then click on the "New" button. and click on the "Query". and write down your keyword. and click on the "Apply" button.

at the bottom, you can find the "Query", "Pages", "Countries" "Device" and "Search appearance".
click on each as your needs.

URL Inspection: 
                         Click on URL inspection. and place the post URL of your site and you find the Inspection of your site.
the report gives you that the URL is Indexed on google or not. and the page is mobile friendly or not.

I will teach you all four(4) other topics in the next post.

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