Internet of things(IOT)

                  Internet of things(IoT)

The things which you need to know if you want to make a career in the IoT field.

In this post, I will show up you some important things which are essential for you if you are going to learn the internet of things means IoT.

First of all, I show up you what is IoT:

IoT means the Internet of things, use of Sensors, actuators, and communication technology and embedded into physical objects that make such objects which are used to be tracked and control over the networks is called internet of things. 
and in a simple way the things which are connected to the internet and used to understanding complexity in systems and allow the automated response. and reduce the human interaction. 
The vision of the IoT(internet of things) is to make such objects which can track the information from the objects which are used in our daily life. 

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Internet of things(IoT)

For Example:
                   Google map is used to track roadmaps, sensors are used to control a car, wireless cameras, and even human with sensors that track useful information about other objects. 

IoT is used to connect a machine to machine. 

Note: Simon Hackett and John Romkey created the world's first connected device called Internet Toaster.

The things which are used in the Internet of things:

        The device which is converted physical charges into electric signals.

Alarm systems:
                      The device which is used for any reminder and used for security purpose. 

                    Service which is available on the internet through computer networks.

Testing Devices:
                       The device which is used to measure any parameter, for example, pressure, temperature, and force etc.

Home security:
                       The things which are basically designed for security purpose, like a fire alarm, security alarm, and other safety products.

         It is a mesh of electronic components to achieve a particular operation.

Power Manager:
                       The object which is used to control and manages power supply of various devices through the internet.

Information Retrieve:
                              The techniques which are used to restoring the information from a particular thing.

Data Security: 
                    The techniques which are used to prevent unauthorized access to a system.

Data Encryption:
                        The techniques which are used to encode the information to resolve data error and security issues.

Error Correction:
                         The techniques which are used to solve the error into the information before transmission of information.

Communication Protocol:
                                      A set of rule which is used to governing the exchange of information between two devices connected through the internet.

Resource Management:
                                   The techniques which are used to allocate the resources, such as memory, data etc.

Topology Management:
                                   The way or a structure in which the components and objects arranged in a network.

Multiplexing Method:
                                The techniques which are used to combined multiple signals into a single signal over a medium.

Baseband Processing:
                                The management of radio functions.

Routing algorithm:
                            The techniques which are used to divide the instructions among the memory and processing units.

Radio Frequency:
                          The set of rules which control that utilize the radio frequency signals to achieve the exchange of information and control the exchange of information between communicating devices.

Image Processing:
                            The procedures for performing various operations on graphical content.

Character Recognition:
                                   The techniques which are used to convert text, images into machine-encoded text.

Note: The second name of the IoT(Internet of things) is M2M means Machine to Machine.

If anyone wants to learn IoT. I suggest that the topics which I mention above learn these topics in very deep. 

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