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The things which is essential to learn for a computer science engineer.

Which Things You should have known to be a Computer Science Engineer.

There are many things is computer science engineering. and in your engineering career, you should be read a lot of things. but there are some things that should be essential to become a successful computer science engineer. 
I am not going to talk about your interesting things. because the one man has some other choices and another man has some other choices. all the peoples have different choices. 

for an example if anyone wants to become a game developer. he should go with his own criteria. and he only learns things related to his field.

but behind that, we forgot that there are some essential things which are really cool and expected to go in any technical field. 

so today I am going to talk about these things. 

so let's start.

Who is a CS Engineer?

                     The man who has well knowledge of computer and also have some knowledge of science(maths, statistic) and he should be able to handle some difficulty in programming.

there is one another thing is that the DEGREE is not important. 
and am not talking about the people who have taken computer science after the 12th. am talking about the people who have some interest in technology.

So there are main Eight(8) things which a cs boy should know.

the things which is a computer science engineer really know
The things which a computer science engineer really need to know

1. Programming One On One(101).

               the first thing is that you should know all the basics information related to technology. like what are bit and byte? and how the computer manipulates the data using the bits. what are the shortcuts of the hardware like how to open the disk in a computer? 
because the main things are that all the peoples working for large things.  but they don't know the basics of theirs. 
so if you don't find the basics of these things. I recommended you to go through my small course. which is on my website. 

2. Mathematics and Statistics. 

                  In now time this thing is highly recommended. because the technology is turned into machine learning and artificial intelligence. and in these things, the Statistics is very very important. it's really helpful in the system design and manipulate things like your choice. and it also gives you short terms to make things. 
if you don't know about the word Statistics click here

3. Algo & Data-structure.

This is also a major thing. you should familiar with time complexity and space complexity. and what is Big O notation? 
and which algorithm is better for a thing.  
you should know about Array, Linked List, Stacks, Queue. 
and another term is how to sort and search for a thing in many things.
and what are Trees and Graphs? and what is Hashtable?

You should know all the stuff and how to implement this at a right place.

4 Computer system. 

it's also a good term. because the all the things is going to happen only on the computers. 
one should know that what kind of OS is there. 
and what is mutex and semaphore and what is deadlock and livelock?
it's strong advised by me. because the all the game is in the os. 
we should know how the CPU works. 
and how the machine code executed.
what are RAM and ROM? 
what is popup codes?
and one thing is that you should familiar with LINUX Operating system. and you should know why we use the LINUX. how to make a folder in Kali Linux. and open the specific thing on the computer.
and if you want to learn the operating system you should learn at least one OOP language.

5. Web development. 

If you are in the field of technology. then you should know the at least front side of the web. because the time by time all the stuff going to be a load on the web. so you should know at least HTML and javascript. 
and you should know that what we do if there are millions of data generated per seconds. a how to use database management system.

6. Compilers. 

Compilers are responsible for the interaction of machines and humans.  so you should know what is compilers, interpreted, and GNUCC Compilers. you should familiar with at least one compiler. and if you want to run all the code in one compiler I recommended you to the Visual Studio.

7. Networking. 

   I earlier said you that the all the things are going to be online. so the online things only need networking. 
so as a programmer of an engineer you should know what is proxy and how to predict source code of any page. and how to be safe and secure with your privacy. what are cookies? and what is IPV? 
and what are servers? 

As well as I want to say that if you are a technical guy then you should know at least one programming language very well. and your mind should be able to perform logic and methods. and you should know how to design patterns. and how to solve any problem using your study guide.

So as well as you should know at least these things to be a successful engineer or technician. 

for any help and question comment on the section given below. 
So thank you and goodbye.


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