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What is Operating System?

                             What is Operating System?

Do you know about the Operating system? what is the operating system?  if you answered yes then I would say that you only know only about minimum 3 or 4 operating system. 
if this is the correct answer so I recommended you to read this post at the end.

we only hear about only main operating systems. like (windows, mac, or Linux) and of course these are the things which are running now time at a top level.  these are the top operating system which running today. 
today I will show you up the main things about the operating system.
so let's go. 

different types of operating system?
what is the operating system?
The operating system is not a single program. the structure of the programs in the operating system is complex. 

for an example  =>
                              Our web browser seems to be a single program but it's not. our web browsers are considered with little programs. because our web browser receives the HTML file to the structure of the page. and receives the CSS file that styles the page. and also receive the JS file that performs very well. 

likewise, our operating system has content thousands of programs and each has the specific task. and the one main thing is that all the programs need to communicate with each other and each of the programs has a structure and a protocol. 

the operating system controls all of these things. communicate to each program combined together to get the results and each operating system has the protocol. 

Windows has DOS. DOS has not a programming language. DOS is a way in this we structure all of these mini-applications and eventually when we combined them together we get windows.
windows operating system
windows operating system

likewise, we have Mac Os.  it has a protocol a system for his applications which called UNIX.
UNIX is not a programming language. it's his ability to communicate one another program to get the answer. 

mac operating system?
mac operating system

and then the Linux. it's open source system. and anybody can download this system free of cost. 
and it has also a protocol which name GNU. which communicate thousands of programs.

kali linux operating system
kali Linux

the main things are that we also create our own window application with Linux. 

Linux is a single program called kernel. all the operating systems have kernel programs. the job of the kernel is that it allocates the resources and make sure that our computer works well. 

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