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Why you should choose Linux as a your professional operating system?

In now time computer is widely used in every field of the world. like in the banks, schools, companies, and so on. 
but we should know the only the Operating system operates the things on the computer. and every desktop computer has an operating system. 
and in the present time, there is a lot of operating systems which is widely used in computers.

  1. Windows
  2. Mac 
  3. Unix

am not talking about the mobile operating system.

so what about Linux.
Linux operating system
Linux Operating System
Linux is a version of the Unix operating system. and over several years, the growth of  Linux users is got on top. as I told an operating system is a computer program. and the only the os program which first boots up when the computer starts. 

there are lots of versions of the Unix Operating System. but Linux is one of the most powerful versions of Unix. 

 Linux is only used because of his these features. 

1. It has a large scale memory. 
2. It has powerful disk management. 
3. Linux provides us a High-power workstation desktop.
4. It supports multiple CPU.
5. It's is the most secure Operating system version. 

and lot's of other things. 
and the second thing is that it is the open source operating system. 
and anybody can use it freely. 

why you should choose Linux as your first operating system.
Parts and features of Linux Operating system. 

There are thousands of programs used by Linux to work properly. 
and there is also a most popular feature called Linux Kernel is used in Linux. 

it is a very family with hard-core developers. and also used for his quick response.
if you want to do full control over your operating system. I should be recommended this.

it also provides us with more flexibility and configures options. 
and the cases of applications is much less. it also saves your computer from viruses. you don't need to update your system. and all the applications should start with one click. and it has multitasking ability. you can use you os over the years of years. and the networking facility is also well. 

but there is a myth with the Linux Operating system. 

People thought that Linux is very hard to operate. and they also thought that we only need to work on a big large wide black screen. and will give only the commands to do work. but it is not reality. 
Linux is as same as another operating system. it has its own library. it has its own menu bar. 
and there is only one thing is that we only need to download the software and apps related to Linux.

there is one thing is that all the other Operating system are invented with the help of Linux. 

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