Today is the world all the things are on the internet. so there is a big demand in the field of development. and 66% of the jobs are in the field of web development. so if you are in the profession of web development then this is the best for you.

Today I am going to show up you how to become a professional front-end web developer?

how to be a professional full stack web developer?
Full-stack web developer

First of all, one thing which is I want to clarify that I am not going to show you how to become a web designer. web developer and web designer are two different professions.

Web designers made the design of the website that where is the sign-in button or other things. 
and the Web developer made the coding of all the web pages of the website with the help of design. 

Learn step by step to get deep hands-on web development.

In front-end development, you need to learn about the
  1. HTML
  2. CSS
  3. JavaScript
  4. CSS frameworks
  5. Jquery
  6. Graphics
  7. Icons
  8. Browsers

1. HTML:
            Html is the front end site language. which is used to write the content of the web pages or websites. it describes the structure of web pages. but you also need to update with new versions of HTML. so you also need to learn HTML5 with the HTML. you need to know custom elements, HTML templates, shadow DOM, HTML imports etc.

2. CSS:
         CSS is used to make the content stylish and for the better look of a web page or a website. there is also a new version for the CSS which is CSS3. so you also need to learn CSS3 with CSS. CSS gives us an opportunity to make the content responsive or to style a content on our ideas. and with the case we can also make sure how will our content look in different devices. and we can over control it.

3. JavaScript:
               JavaScript is used to program the web page is behavior. so with the help of JS, we can make sure how a web page of website responds to their viewers. this is the best language for front-end development. and we can also do the same thing which we can do with the help of HTML or CSS. so this is purely recommended for a developer who wants to learn front-end development of the website. the areas on which you want to focus on javascript is Datatype, prototype, scope, closures, or keywords.

Note: Only with the help of javascript we can develop front part of our website. and the Amazon site is the best example which is developed with the help of only JavaScript programming.

4. CSS frameworks:
                         Frameworks are only developed and used for saving time and make the website responsive and mobile-first. and used to look different in different devices. there are only classes in the frameworks which only need to include to develop the content of the website. so the choice is only yours that you want to learn frameworks or not.

5. Jquery:
           Jquery is the library of the JavaScript website. which is used to balanced the site's content. this is used for the casting of web pages. it's also recommended that you learn Jquery after you learn JavaScript.

Note: The front end development mainly depends on the HTML, CSS, and JavaScript languages.

6. Graphics:
                Graphics are used to draw shapes and embedded icons. there are two types of graphics one is SVG(scalable vector graphics) and the second one is CANVAS. with the help of graphics, you can draw the different types of shapes. you can add multiple methods and shapes in one tag.

7. Icons:
           Icons are used to shape the web pages. with the help of icons, we can easily understand and make the content understandable for others. so with the icons, we can create a beautiful site. it's pretty easy and more efficient to use icons in our site. this is also a benefit and more useful to you to learn how to add icons to your web pages.

8. Browsers:
             Browsers are a type of javascript engines. you need to understand the browsers. because all the browsers are not using the same javascript functions. and some browsers react differently with the codes which are written for your website. so you need to include other lines to get the same result on different browsers. and it's highly recommended for everyone.

There are some other areas where you also need to focus.

you need to learn the different browser vendors, text editors, vendors prefix, mobile browsers, javascript engines.
because everybody learns the HTML, CSS, and JS. but they don't know how to combine these things. and you also need to learn other different things which are used for creating beautiful things.

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