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Basic Features and concepts of c++ programming language.

In this post, you will learn about the basic features and concepts of c++ programming language. and learn why we need to learn c++ programming.

Basic Features and concepts of c++ programming language.,  c++ programming language
features and concepts in c++

In c++ programming language we use Objects and Classes to build a program.

  • Class
  • Object

further, you just read these definitions after completing a chapter you will completely understand what is object and class.


The class is a place where the attributes of objects are defined is called class. a class is a collection of data member and data function. a class is also called as a template.


An object is a run time entity which implements the class(template) in the real world.

Note: After defining the object memory space is created for the class and its data member and data function.

let's try to understand the concepts of class and object with an example.

Example: Think there is a car which has a red color, wheels, mirrors, steering, and many other things.
so the car is called as an object and the features of the car are called the data member and data function. so you think what about the class. think the car has an actual accelerator pedal to make the car go fast, the driver presses the accelerator pedal to run fast the car. and there is a member function which performs a task in the program. but the accelerator pedal of a car hides from the driver the mechanisms of making the car go faster. so that task of hiding the information is called class.

Another example is that a class might be represented as a bank in which there are member functions which perform the sudden task like opening a bank account, deposit the money, and the all of the entity like customer's name and customer's age is called data function.

Concepts of C++ programming language:

Basic Features in c++ programming.
features in c++ programming

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1) Inheritance:

Reusability is the second name of Inheritance. when a class implements the attributes of another class is called inheritance. it fully describes when we going to learn inheritance.

2) Message communication:

Message communication means an object can pass the message within the class for completing a task.

3) Polymorphism:

A function which has the same name but widely used in different types of models in the outer world is called polymorphism.

4) Dynamic Binding:

Dynamic binding means a function or a data(processor) is not know by which code he is bind till the execution time. dynamic binding totally depends on Polymorphism.

5) Encapsulation:

A data and the methods related to the object is placed in a capsule is called encapsulation.
it's one of the great and important features of the c++ programming language.

6) Abstraction:

Abstraction means hide the internal story and only provide the necessary thing is called abstraction.

One important thing you need to know while learning any programming language is called Moor's Law:

Moor's Law:

This law called that Every two year, the capacities of computers have approximately doubled or twice.
this law defined by the person Gordon Moore in 1960, he is the co-founder of Intel. this law especially for the amount of the memory which computers have used for programs.

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