Top five technical skills for 2019 to get ready for your next job.

In this post, I will touch the top five technical skills for 2019 which have definitely hire you for the work in the technical field and are high demand.

top five technical skills for 2019
top technical skills for 2019

Whether you are seeking for a job and for new skills and also for new broadcast your career. these skills give you the opportunity to get the macho which you can get your dreams in a technical field. 
and even if your dream to get the job in the technical field and even in this field you want to go to the top level company this skill is necessary and recommended for anyone people who are going to make a career in the technical field.

1. Python.

python in 2018
This is one of the most software skill which is in high demand.
it's is why because the python is high used in new technology like Machine learning, data analysis, database management, big data, and also in data mining.

2. Web development

web development
web development
This is the second most skill which is in high demand.
we know that the internet is going large day by day. because of this over the 60 percent job is available in this field.
but the high demand is for full stack developer.

3. Database management

data-base management
database management
Over the past five years, the users of the whole world have generated the twice of data equal to the data which was generated in whole life.
and all the data is in unstructured form. so there is a big demand for the database management system. 

4. App development

app development
app development
Over the year of years, the mobile phone and smartphone become more powerful and with the time there is a big deal to manage the production of the smartphone. and the google is android is widely used in over the world. so there is a big demand for the app developer in the future. 

5. Security management.

security management
security management
Over the past years, there is a big deal with a security system. because of the with the development of the resources in the technical field. the internet becomes widely in the whole world. and with the time the cyber attacks are in large amount. and to secure the system there are most of the opportunity in this field.

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