Tuesday, January 1, 2019

Top programming languages for 2019.

Top Programming languages for 2019 which you should need to learn as a programmer.

Hello, I am Yashpal Singh Deora. and today I going to tell you about the topmost Programming languages which you should need to learn this year to get hired for your dream job. 

So, there is a list of programming languages which you need to learn to make a career in the programming field.

  1. Python.
  2. Java.
  3. Javascript.
  4. PHP.
  5. C#.
  6. C++.
  7. C.
  8. Objective c.
  9. Ruby.
  10. Perl.
  11. R language.
  12. Vb. net.
  13. Swift.
  14. Go.
  15. CSS.
  16. Kotlin.
  17. Delphi.
  18. SQL.
  19. Visual Basic.
  20. Mat lab.

So these are the top languages which you need to learn to be a programmer in 2019.

Why you should learn Python?

  • As a programmer, you should have knowledge of python programming. because of in today time the python is widely used in a very single technology.  and the one thing is that it's quite a lot easy to learn and use.  it's used in artificial intelligence, making GUI, and also used to make games and apps. it's also used on the internet of things.  you can also choose python as your first programming language. because it's very simple in syntax. 
  • so, that's why you need to learn in 2019.

Why you should learn Java?

  • It's also a great choice to choose java even as your first programming language. because of it's a mature language. and one of the most important things is that its platform independent. you can write code anywhere and used anywhere. it's used to make android applications, web applications, game applications, and also used in big data. you can also go to cloud computing using java. it's also used in the database. 
  • So that's why you need to learn java if you are going to make a career in the programming field.

Why you should learn JavaScript?

  • Before years javascript used in only to write client-side scripting. but now the scenario of the javascript is changed. you can be used Java-script in cloud computing. we can also make apps and games using java-script. and also do back-end development using Java-script. there are so many companies who used Java-script as their prime language. and the example is Amazon who used Java-script to build the Amazon site. 
  • So, it's pretty easy to find out the job as a Java-script developer. 
  • So, that's why you should need to learn JavaScript to be a programmer.

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