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static member function in c++ programming

In this post, you will learn about the static member function in c++ programming and learn why we use static data member and member function in programming. 

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static member function:

the function which can only access the static data member is called the static member function. 

to declare a static data member we just need to use the static keyword at the beginning of the initialize time of the member function. 

                class test

                   static int function(void);

Note: static function only access the static data members. it does not access the usual members. 

calling the static member function:

we can also call the static member function using the class name. 
                in the above example, we declare a static member function name function. so to call the static function by class we call like this.



Example program for declaring a static data member or a static member function. 


          class test
               int var;

               static int count; 
           // declare a static variable count


                      void setval(void);
                      void printval(void);
                      static void printsta(void); 
              // declare a static member function.

          int test::count;

          void test::setval()
             var= ++count;

         void test::printval()
              std::cout<<"object number:"<< var;

         void test::printsta() //define a static member funtion. 
           std::cout<<"\ncounter"<<count; //only use static variable 

         int main()
             test t1,t2;


             test t3;


             return 0;

Note: here in the above example we can only access the static data member in the static member function.

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