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How to become a successful ui designer?

If you are looking for a way that how you become a successful UI designer in the future then you at be in the right place. so today I am going to tell you how to become a successful UI designer.
although you probably know that what is a UI designer. and one thing which you should be kept in mind that am not talking about the UX designer. am talking about the UI designer. there is a huge difference between the UX and a UI designer. and it's so hard to get started as a UI designer without knowing the definition of the UI designer.
So, firstly you need to know who and what a UI designer does?

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UI designer

What a UI designer does?

a UI designer made design or an interface for interacting between the users and the product. and the design is called a user interface design. basically, a UI designer does what is design does not how a design looks like. and the design made up by a UI designer is free from the user who is using this design. for an example like the site which you are currently on and reading this post. all the website's design like the design of button, navbar, footer, header, aside, fonts and a whole page are designed by the UI designer. but the UI designer does not conclude that where to place the home button, the navbar, the asider left or right, and how big the button should be going and where it to be placed right or left. it's totally made decided by the UX designer. UX designer work on the user's view. he should be thinking about how he can be made an easy design so the users get the best experience while working on it. so I think now you know very well what a UI designer does.

Steps to become a well successful UI designer?

Thinking :

this is the most powerful weapon for any UI designer. and one needs to develop his or her thinking to get the best in UI designing. some people have a great mind of thinking but some people don't have. but don't worry you will develop your thinking by reading books, by traveling alone, by surfing the internet and many more ways. let's think about the website or an app which you currently using and think about the design of those websites or app. one other thing which is has a very big role to develop your thinking is about to that you have to clear that for which you are thinking about like if you have the aim to design an educational app or website then you should think like an educational teacher. like you should have to look at the other educational app or website which are currently in the market also the features which the students really need or will need in future. without thinking, you don't have to stay in this field for much time. and if you have great different thinking from others then you have the plus point in that market.

Design experience :

to stay for a long time in this field and to get the best payable amount for your work you should have great experience in designing things. now you think how you get the experience. so for this, you need to go for a small thing to design and if you have not any knowledge then don't worry just start and get into this. and one another thing is that if you don't stick in the problems then you should don't get any experience. and design your first project. and then after building some real and small projects go for learning some awesome things like how to use different editors, fonts, images, colors, icons and other useful things which has a great impact on the users. now the time to build a great real and powerful big project. and you should have to do exactly. like pick a big project and just design a great deal. like design a facebook page, an Instagram page, and a portfolio website.

Weapons :

weapons mean how you design a great design using your best weapons. to produce a great image of the design how you need to learn how to play with editors, fonts, colors, and icons, etc. and to be a master to use editors you need to pick an editor like Adobe xd and others and then you also need to learn about the side weapons like photoshop to resize the image, Lightroom to customize the image. and logo maker to design a logo. and one thing you should be fit in your mind that you need to learn other tools as well because when other people give you his design which can be made in another tool then you can easily understand the design.

Social user :

social media is the hub of peoples and social media plays a big role in a designer's career. because if you create a design for just show the people your skill then the social media who help you to get your target. and who knows that maybe you get your career's first client from social media. you can also ask for user's reviews on your design so you can customize your design with some great ideas.

Design :

great design is easy to use and attract peoples. but what a great design have made of. to make a great design you have to be clear that firstly the design should be not black and white. second, it's interchangeable means you should make prototyping of the design so others can see your design's interaction way. second, there must be a great design used in your design which can attract more users. third use the combinations of colors. fourth the design should be full of quality. fifth, your design should be easy to use so the user can find a way to go out or in with your design.

Overwriting :

overwriting means don't use the more and hundreds of colors in your design this reduces user's interaction. also, don't use them too short and large images in your design with heavy graphics. it also reduces user interaction. don't use the shaded fonts so the user can easily see what a design working on.

Tips to get your UI designer career on the milestone:

  • always be a positive thinker.
  • always use your mind to make a design.
  • use your best tool to gear up.
  • also always research in which field you are working on.
  • make your portfolio be read at any time at any cost.
  • always be a traveler much you travel much you creative.

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