How to become a full-stack developer: A full-stack developer is a developer can work with both technology front end and back end. 

How to become a full stack developer - complete guide

there are several things that a person needs to work on. so I collected the questions that you need to answer within yourself. if your answer is yes then you are a full stack developer. and if no then you need to learn these technologies. 

Things need to learn as a full stack developer.

  1. should be able to work with front end development.
  2. should be able to work with backend development.
  3. should know at least one operating system.
  4. should have knowledge of the database.
  5. should have knowledge of web servers.
  6. should have knowledge of the version control system.

Frond End Development

There are several technologies likes HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Jquery, Bootstrap, etc that are used to develop the front end of the project. and a full-stack developer needs to familiar with these technologies. and never forget that only a front end is the area used by users. 

Version Control System

VCS is a system that is used to develop versions of the project. like if we change anything in our project then we don't need to process our whole code. only need to just use the version control system to make changes in the project. there are many technologies that are used as version control systems like GIT, Apache Studio, Visual Studio, etc. and one of the most popular version control systems is GIT that is used to save code of projects. we only need to make pull and push requests to make changes in code. and others can also help us to develop our project. 

Back End Development

Back end development is called server-side development. in back end development we can develop server-side scripting to connect our project with servers. like a website that is hosted on any server. then to make changes into the database and used to fill entries of forms like sign up form, login form into the database. 
so there are many technologies that are used to develop back end of a project like PHP, Java, .Net, Ruby, Python, etc. specially php is one of the server-side scripting languages that is used and base of one of the biggest blogging platform called Wordpress. and a full-stack developer needs to be an expert in one of the technologies used to develop back end. because we can copy-paste front end but we don't use the other site's scripting file to develop a project.
and full stack developer also needs to take care of the security of the project. like safely connect to database and server etc.

DataBase techniques

As the name suggests Database is the base of the project. because the database is responsible to save data of the project that is created by the user like login, signup, username, password, etc. 
there is much technology that is used as a database like Mysql, Oracle, Mongo DB, Postgres, etc. and one should know how to create the database and connect the database to a web page in a safe manner to be a full stack developer.

Deployment Techniques

Deployment techniques are nothing but a deployment operating system. the operating system is the system where our server is hosted. and that operating system is always in walk-up mode.
so there are many operating systems that are used to host our server like UBUNTU, CENTOS, LINUX, etc. and these are the safest systems that are used to deploy our project. 
one other option is the cloud where we can host our website. like, google cloud, Amazon web server, Microsoft cloud system, etc. 
so one should familiar with at most one of the deployment technology to become a full stack developer.

Web Server

Web server is like an operating system. that is used as a server to store database and without a server back end technologies never run and server-side scripting never execute. and there are technologies like APACHE, NGINX that is used as a web server. and a developer should know how to interact with the web servers and handle and manage the website.

so these are the main areas that a person needs to focus on and be familiar with technologies to become a full stack developer.

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