Machine learning is a powerful technology running in today's time. every company or business from small to big is using machine learning to grow up in their field. 

so these are the most used and popular tools and frameworks that are using in machine learning.

Top 5 Machine Learnig tools and Frameworks 

Machine learning tools and Frameworks.

  1. Tensorflow
  2. Keras
  3. Edward
  4. Scikit-learn
  5. Lime


Tensorflow is a framework that is built by Google and also owned by Google. it's used for image processing and object detection and a deep learning framework that is used to build computational models using neural networks. it is used to know about back-propagate errors using the computational graph. for building any type of network and to train that network TensorFlow is used.


Keras is a deep learning framework with a high-level interface. it is the second-fastest-growing deep learning framework. using Keras we can easily train a model with this framework. 


Edward is a tool that is built on the top of the TensorFlow framework. it's build using statistics, machine learning, and probabilistic programming. it' has many features that used a lot like distributed training, GPU integration, computational graphs, and automation.
and now officially Edward integrated into TensorFlow code. 


scikit learn is a tool that is integrated tools for data preprocessing and data mining. it contains almost every machine learning model like linear and logistic regression, random forest, etc.


Lime stands for local interpretable model-agnostic explanations. and is a package that is easy to use. it's used for predictions for machine learning classifiers. it's used to find the decisions for models. 

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