This post is going to show you the top programming languages for machine learning and artificial intelligence technology. 

if you are thinking about learning any of these technologies and don't know which programming language you need to choose to learn AI and Machine learning. then you are in the right place. 

you can pick any of the programming languages listed below. but only choose related to your profession.

Programming languages for ML and AI technology.

  1. Python
  2. Scala 
  3. Java 
  4. Bash 
  5. Powershell

Python programming

Python is a widely-used programming language and it is very popular for developing ML and AI technology-based projects. one of the main reasons to choose this programming language is that it has a lot of inbuilt libraries and supported modules which are very helpful to develop AI and ML-based programs. 
also, it is very easy to learn even not for developers but also for new programmers. 

another reason is that python not limited to use only in these technologies but also you can use it to develop web, mobile applications, in data science, for web scraping, and in other development areas as well. 
and this is a plus point when we further deploy the projects by using other technologies. 
so it is a very great choice to start your journey with python programming.

R programming

Likewise, python r programming also has very powerful and easy to use inbuild libraries like DEplyr, Lattice, and others as well. which is very useful when developing ML and AI technology. it is very easy to develop a prototype and easy to work with the database. 

but here is the main point that comes when we need to choose among python and r programming. if you just want to work with data analysis and visualization then you can choose r programming but python has complete core concepts that you need to develop a complete AI project. 
but don't regret you can choose r programming for your career in AI and ML. 

Scala programming

Scala programming is one of the trending programming languages right now. because it is using by big companies like Linkedin, Twitter. it is an extension of the java language. if you are familiar with java programming then you learn it easily. scala is used for data science because it is a multi-paradigm language. and it runs on the JVM machine. 
another reason is that it has good collections of libraries that can be used to develop a data science project. and it is bug-free language when coming to complex problems. and using this language we can work with a variety of styles.

Java programming

Java is a programming language that is run on a virtual machine. one of the most and important key features of this programming language is that we need to develop only one program to run on different systems. means we can develop a program for windows and similar can work on mac or with another os. 
it has huge collections of libraries for data science and machine learning. apart from that, it is also very fast in comparison to python and other programming languages.
so you can choose either scala or java or both for data science.

Bash programming

bash is a command-line and script programming language. we can use it to create a data pipeline that can train our data. and using bash programming we can easily transform data from unstructured to structured. that is part of data mining. and using bash programming we can easily extract, clean, and optimize data from the source. 
usually, bash is used with Hadoop. because it well translates into Hadoop. 


Powershell is also can used for data science. it is both command line and scripting language. it is an object-based programming language. with PowerShell, we can easily read data and perform operations on data.
but it has a lake of supported resources that is why Powershell is used in a very small area for machine learning and data science.