If you are a programmer and don't know What is Competitive programming then you might not perfect in your industry as you think. because everything in the technical industry is something related to competitive programming.

and if you are new in the programming field then it's not your fault because things get come ahead after some time. 
What is Competitive programming - complete definition
read this post from top to bottom if you are a programmer. because it will change your mind and you will see the real face of programming in those terms the programmers work.

So I am going to divide the things for you. so my words become easy to understand for you.
  1. What is competitive programming?
  2. Use of competitive programming.
  3. How to learn competitive programming.

Note: if you are a programmer then you should read this post at the end of the line. 

What is competitive programming?

Around half of the programmers think that competitive programming is a programming language. but in reality, it is not a programming language. to easily understand the meaning of competitive programming I break the word in two parts. first is competitive and second is programming. 

let's understand first the meaning of competitive.

What is Competitive?

In my opinion, if I rewrite the meaning of competition in the IT sector. then competitive is a position where we don't have full resources.

for example, if I say that write a program for the addition of two numbers. then there is not any existence of the competitive world. because there is not any terms and condition for write code. 

but if I say that write a program for the addition of two numbers. and the program has maximum use of memory is only 30 bits and the run time of the program is only 0.001 second. 

so here I have a lack of resources where I only have 0.001 second of time and 30 bits of space. so there is competition. now come to programming.

What is Programming?

Programming is a way to interact with the computer system. because our computer only knows the low-level language. which is a combination of 0 and 1.

there are hundreds of programming languages available to write the program for our computer. so the computer can run the things in a manner which is satisfied with us. 
So competitive programming is nothing but how you code efficiently so your code will run in minimum time and take fewer resources like memory and hardware to run.
and in other words, competitive programming tells us that which data structures and algorithms we need to select for solving a particular problem so the code solution of our problem will run in minimum time and take minimum storage in our system.

and if you are seeking a job in the IT sector. then you should know how to write an efficient code so your code will run in no time and will take fewer resources. because this will reduce the cost of your product and save the time of your customers. and this will surely beneficial for you. so now you get the response that why you need hands-on practice in competitive programming.

In today's world, IT companies, and product-based companies like Google, Facebook, Amazon, Microsoft, and other powerful companies have always a requirement for a post of a competitive programmer. and if you are in the world of information and technology then the thing which is called competitive programming is mattered a lot for you.

because the world has new opportunities for everyone and the things which were easy to maintain in the past. but today there is a lot of complicated things for a programmer.

Example of competitive programming

If I say that there are billions of searches for a query on google. so to understand how Google uses software and hardware to maintain it's service. not even in a country but globally. and how to google trained their new software so they will become very easy to use. like google has google maps, classroom, hangout, google drive, youtube, google mail, and a very famous platform for readers and creators which is a blogger.

and you will be shocked to hear that millions of peoples sign up on the google blog to create their own blog every single day. 

so how google maintain these things. so these whole criteria go to competitive programming. only and only competitive programming is responsible to grow a world where these things are possible to maintain. 

so I think now you understand what is competitive programming and why and where we use it in industry.