The word IoT(Internet of Things) refers to the things that are connected to the internet or network. or in other words, we can call it an ecosystem of connected devices that are accessible through the internet.

What is IoT(Internet of Things) - Definition

The Internet of things is a network of things that uses or embedded with software, sensors, connectivity, and electronic devices to collect and exchange data from the outer world and improve the efficiency, accuracy, and benefits of the ecosystem.
What is Internet of Things(IoT) - Definition and Characteristics
In simple terms, we can say that every single thing that is connected to the internet and sharing, and processing some information according to the response of the outer world is an IoT device.

And by the Things, the IoT means the devices that connect to the internet and it could be anything like a biometric device used for attendance, a heart monitoring sensor that is implanted in a person, mobiles that have a number of functionality, fire alarms, search engines or a device that locate the specific metal. because all these devices collect useful data with the help of technologies and then flow the data between other devices.

Examples of IoT Devices

Sensors in animals

In the world of IoT, animals are monitored with sensors implanted in the body. these techniques are used on the big farms to monitor animals like cows, and hens that track their health, movements, the supply of milk, etc.

Security Devices

Also, the army of every country is using IOT devices like monitoring the temperature in a room, locating the number of people in a room, etc.

How IoT works

An IoT device is using an embedded system that uses the smart device connected to servers such as processors, sensors, and hardware. these devices collect all the data from outer environments. and then send the data using the gateway or other edge technology and store it on the cloud or servers. 

how internet of things iot works

after storing the data on the server according to the setup environment sometimes it interacts with humans that ensure the accuracy of information or data. and then it processes by devices that do most of the work without humans. actually, all the tools that are present on the server-side are installed and set up by the humans so all the information is available to the humans as well. and these tools are just used to give the actual instructions to process the data.

Characteristics of IoT


Every single day the no of devices that are connected to the internet is increasing. and hence the infrastructure is increasing day by day. so we need a good or massive expense to handle and set up the things.


In IoT, everything is connected to each other and needs to share data among the environment. because without sharing the data these devices are not considered IoT devices.


Every device that comes into the technology is sharing and extracting some sort of data and it is important because it provides a way for a device to be more intelligent day by day.

Why IoT is the Most Important?

Because in this world every single one like people, your home devices, and smartphones are connected to each other so they are IoT devices. and this technology enables an organization to automate some amount of process and help people to work in a smart way like a one-man army.

we can use it as a real-time machine that delivers everything from processing, and performance to the supply of products or data. also, it reduces some amount of cost that gives a huge boost to a company.

just like you can think that Facebook is processing all the data filled by a user on his account like his name, color, address, pin code, etc, and then shows a relevant ad to the user.

The benefits of IoT

  1. save time and money.
  2. improve the user experience.
  3. making the decision and its growth.
  4. monitor the overall growth of the business.
  5. enhance productivity.
  6. compare the models.

in current times every organization like health, food, retail, consumers, business, providers, suppliers, and growth experts is using this technology.

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