In the current situation learning programming or coding is a way to organize our life. because programming is used in all areas like in banking, health sector, retail sector, production, management, etc. but before you start learning programming language you must need to learn some basic terms and concepts that will help you to learn it fast and in a proper manner.

9 Pre requirement for learning programming language or coding

The thing needs to learn before learning programming.

  1. Basics of computer
  2. Key Names
  3. Keyboard short keys
  4. compiler/interpreter
  5. what is programming
  6. Number system
  7. Memory Management
  8. Excel/word
  9. Typing

Basic of computer

I have seen many of peoples that they even don't know how to switch off or on a computer or device but they are using it. so before learning to program, you must have basic knowledge of computers. like the components of computers and how they work. internal memory work and their versions and what is an operating system and how to install them and specifications of each platform etc. these things will give you a core knowledge and a backbone to stand alone among others.

Key Names

the second most important thing is to learn about different keys that present on the keyboard. because when you go into the programming field you need to know how the semicolon looks like and how to print semicolon and colon. if you don't know which symbol is for color and which is for semicolon then you may be willing to waste more time than others. and saving time is a habit of a programmer.

Keyboard short keys

Everybody knows how to copy and paste something using short keys and how to select all. but there are some other short keys that used so many times in a day by a programmer. and nobody is going to tell you these small and important things. and these things are time-saving for any person using a system. so learn the important short keys that can save your time and improve your work presence.


Compiler and interpreter are used to generate machine codes and both are used for compiling a program. so you need to learn about what is compiler and interpreter and how they work and why we used compiler and interpreter. just learn the basics about compiler and interpreters don't go into deep because it is a complicated subject that you will understand when you will have some knowledge of programming and number systems.

What is programming?

Before we learn anything we need to know what is that thing. because we just can't make our minds learn anything without even knowing about that thing. so learn about what is programming language and why and where we use programming language. finding the answer to this question will give you a better idea is that programming is for you or not or you have an interest in learning programming or not. you need to find the answer to that question. because it will be your waste of time if you have not any interest in learning anything but you forced to learn that thing.

Number system

Number systems also play an important role in computer systems and even in programming languages. we need to understand the different number systems like octal, decimal, binary, hexadecimal, etc, and also need to learn about how to convert one form into another form. as we know that computer only understands zeros, ones, and their sequence that is a binary number. so the binary number is the base of the computer system.

Memory management

Managing memory in a system is an essential part of programming. we need to code a program that consumes less memory. memory is essential for running multiple things in a system at a time and even storing the things. like you are currently reading this blog post also stored on a server. you need to understand how memory management works in computer programming and even how you can improve it with your efforts.


These are two tools that introduce by Microsoft. and you might be thinking that how these two tools can help you to learn a programming language. well, things are changed in the current time. we can use anything that comes to our mind with programming. like excel sheets are used to store data and read data and used in the production. even you work for a company you need to use these things to manage teamwork. so this is the advice to learn these tools before learning a programming language.


Well, this thing is my strength because I have a decent typing speed. well, it not even help you in your personal life but even help you in your professional life. think about a scenario that you need to copy a code for testing or you have an idea and code are in front of you and you just need to type these thousands of lines of code. so here the typing speed will work. whether you believe it or not by developing this skill helped me to improve my work availability by 30 percent. and programming is an area where even 1% of improvement can boost your career.

That's all learning programming is not that hard as you think. but the way in which you learn the things feel you make things hard or easy. so I recommend you to learn these basic things before learning a programming language. or you can say that these are the pre-requirements to learning a programming language and to become a developer.