In this post, I will give you the solution to the problem "Plugged In - Not Charging" with a complete step-by-step full explanation. No matter if you have any type of laptop or PC. If Battery is not charging on Dell, HP, Lenovo, or PC then you can try this solution and you will definitely find the solution.

Battery Not Charging on Dell HP Lenovo solution - plugged in not charging

Solution 1

This solution will work 99 percent of the time. if you are working on your system. then it is problem with the heating, not any technical problem. you should shut down your system for a while and then restart again after 20 or 30 minutes. 

sometimes when the system got heated too much then because of too much heating the system can't charge the battery. and that's why the problem arises. so you just need to shut down your PC for while and then after your system will cool down then start again.

Am facing the same problem and found this solution.

Solution 2

I think most of the time you don't need this solution because solution 1 will work most of the time. if solution 1 doesn't work then first shut down your system and first check your charger. because am 100 percent sure that this problem is not with your PC or system. 99 percent of the problem with the charger and if the charger working fine then you should update your PC's driver and then remove your PC's battery and then plugged it in again. this should solve your problem.