Machine Diagnosis and Prognosis 

Machine prognosis indicates predicting the performance of the machine by analyzing the data on the current operating conditions and how many deviations exist from the normal operating condition. It introduces determining the cause of a machine's fault. Sensors in machines can monitor operating conditions such as temperature and vibration levels, sensor data measurements are done on timescales of a few milliseconds to a few seconds which leads to the generation of a massive amount of data. CBR (Case-Based Reasoning) is an effective technique for problem-solving in the fields in which it is hard to establish a quantitative mathematical model, such as machine diagnosis and prognosis. 

Industry Indoor Air Quality Monitoring 

IoT-based gas sensors facilitate monitoring the indoor air quality using different gas sensors like indoor air quality can be placed for different locations. WSN (Wireless Sensor Network) determines the hazardous zones to ensure proper ventilation. Harmful and toxic such as carbon monoxide (CO), nitrogen monoxide (NO), Nitrogen Dioxide, etc. can cause serious health problems for the workers.

Four Stages of IoT for Industry Solution 

ToT has a four-step architecture that is basically staged in a process. All four stages are connected in a manner that data is captured or processed at one stage and yields the value to the next stage. Integrated values in the process bring intuitions and deliver dynamic business prospects. 

Step 1: The first step consists of the deployment of interconnected devices that includes sensors, actuators, monitors, detectors, camera systems, etc. These devices collect the data. 
Step 2: Usually, data received from sensors and other devices are in analog form, which needs to be aggregated and converted to digital form for further data processing. 
Step 3: Once the data is digitized and aggregated, this is pre-processed, standardized and moved to the data center or Cloud. 
Step 4: Final data is managed and analyzed at the required level. Advanced Analytics, applied to this data, brings actionable business insights for effective decision-making. 

IoT is redefining healthcare by ensuring better care, improved treatment outcomes and reduced costs for patients, better processes and workflows, and improved performance, and patient experience for healthcare providers.

iot for industry - four stages of iot solution
Figure - Four stages of IoT solution