Machine-to-machine communication is used for remote monitoring. In product restocking, for example, a vending machine can message the distributor's network, or machine, when a particular item is running low to send a refill.

M2M applications in IoT
Fig. M2M Applications

The combination of the IoT, AI, and ML is transforming and improving mobile payment processes and creating new opportunities for different purchasing behaviors. Digital wallets, such as Google Wallet and Apple Pay, will most likely contribute to the widespread adoption of M2M financial activities. M2M technology is also used in the smart home system. M2M facilitates an embedded system that enables home appliances and other technologies to have real-time control of operations as well as the ability to remotely communicate. For remote-control software, robotics, traffic control, security, logistics and fleet management, and automotive, M2M is a very important factor.

M2M applications

Home Appliances

IoT has already taken home appliances to an advanced level. For example, an M2M-capable washing machine could send alerts to the owner's smart devices once it finishes washing or drying, and a smart refrigerator Could automatically 4.7 order groceries from Amazon once its inventory is depleted. If a homeowner decides to leave work early, he or she could contact the home heating system before leaving work to make sure the temperature at home will be comfortable upon arrival.

Healthcare Device Management

The important factor for M2M technology is in the realm of health care. With M2M technology, hospitals can automate processes to ensure the highest levels of treatment. similarly, when a patient's vital signs drop below normal, an M2M-connected life support device could automatically administer oxygen and additional care until a healthcare professional arrives on the scene. M2M also allowS patients to be monitored in their own homes instead of in hospitals or care centers.

Smart Utility Management

Smart meters can track how much energy a household or business uses and automatically alert the energy company, which supplants sending out an employee to read the meter or requiring the customer to provide a reading. They also allow energy providers to see how much energy you're using, which means that:
  • You know exactly how much it costs to keep the lights on 
  • Your energy provider can track fluctuations in power consumption, and manufacture power in more efficient ways 
  • You'll never be surprised by a large bill.
Smart meters also require M2M technology in order to function. They work by tracking your energy usage using a series of sensors, then transmit the information directly to your energy provider using a foolproof M2M network.

Supply Chain Management (SCM) Solutions

Modern supply chains can be very complex, and incredibly large, M2M technologies, including smart barcode scanners, RFID systems, automatic stock management systems, and GPS tracking help to keep these supply chains connected. They play a crucial role in allowing a business to track raw materials, stock, and finished goods as they move through the manufacturing/retail process - providing companies with the data they need to refine their processes and remove the everyday roadblocks that eat into profit.

Wearable Technologies

If we talk about another crucial part of the Internet of Things (IoT), smartwatches, Fitbit and other 'wearables' make wide use of M2M technology to send data about your physical activity, heart rate, and other important metrics to your smartphone, as well as receive texts, push notifications and other communications about your day-to-day activity. A smartwatch will have a very limited processing power, which means that it relies on the smartphone's CPU to do things like when we have walked a certain number of steps, or trigger an alarm when it's time to head for the gym. In fact, these devices are primarily a gateway between a wrist-mounted sensor and a phone's computing power, and while generally use short-range, low-bandwidth technologies to communicate, they still show just how important M2M technologies have become.